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Life Lessons in Relationships, Energy, and Color

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A lovely concept of how to shift negative emotions and actions is to focus on each chakra center and apply a system of inversion to the negative feeling housed there.

Begin by recognizing how you may be caught in a negative emotion or action that limits your access to balance, stunts your health, or interferes with your prosperity.

Each energy center –>chakra, corresponds to a negative energy state and the capacity for a positive blossoming energy shift. chakra_location_color

  • Here is a list of how these energies resonate
  • from negativity, imbalance/ to balanced, positive empowerment
  • –> beginning with the first chakra, red:  fear/action;
  • second chakra, orange: isolation/integration;
  • third chakra, yellow: low self-worth/non-judgment;
  • fourth chakra, green: hopelessness/unconditional love;
  • fifth chakra, blue:  negative speech (toward yourself [negative self-talk] or others)/positive speech, affirmations, and compassionate understanding;
  • sixth chakra, indigo:  depression/creativity;
  • and the seventh chakra, violet:  anger/acceptance.

To shift your perspective first discover which energy center appears to be out of balance then apply the positive empowering action to shift the negativity and create balance in that center.  Your first internal response will be a release, a lessening, a flexibility, and a sense of peace.  You will experience a deeper sense of strength and flexibility and an outer sense of lightness and peace.

You can also use the colors to help you resonate with the chakra energy centers.  Using meditation and breathwork breathe into the space in your body that is being stagnated or blocked with the corresponding color to help cleanse out the negativity and re-energize the center.

The spaces that correspond with the chakras begin at the base of your spine, then the area just two inches below your belly button, the third is your solar plexus, just under your ribs at the center of your body, the fourth energy center is on your breastbone between your breasts, the fifth is your throat, the sixth your third eye which is the space between your eyebrows and the seventh is at the top of your head in the center – your crown chakra.

Your first picture of yourself is from your interactions in your family, peers, and lovers.  This idea of reflection being the way in which you see your self is a longstanding tenant in sociology and psychology.

The concept of a mirror reflecting to you your personality and self picture is the earliest style of seeing your true nature.

A deeper style of connecting with self is to have a knowing from within that is separate from the concept of reflection in relationship.  This is related to your personal sensory guidance system.

Over my lifetime I have had the distinct honor of learning about chakra imbalance and balancing through my relationships.

  • When struggling with postpartum depression I learned the valuable lesson of taking action in response to fear…sometimes going toward the source of my fear, actually stepping into that which I was fearing to see through the mindset of fear, into the strength of empowered, responsive action.
  • In my lonely, isolated childhood I learned the power of integration which required dealing with my low-self-worth and the importance of pulling on my non-judgmental posture and a reframing of hopelessness to unconditional love.  These lessons have powered the long positive train of amazing, productive and fulfilling relationships in my life.
  • To shift into mindfulness I endeavored to continually shift my negative speech to positive speech reframing, inverting, and freeing every negative thought like butterflies and wildflowers; from this stance in the world compassion, inner truth and outer prosperity are my constant companions and experiences.
  • In my loneliest times, when I felt deeply bereft I turned to creativity, painting, sculpting, gardening, and writing to allow my grief to spill out and be replaced with strength, renewal, and joy.
  • And finally, that unpleasant and undignified friend anger – through my acceptance I experienced the power of my true self –> the reality of what was became the ground upon which I built a bigger, better, more beautiful Tao.

Discover your inner radiance and rainbow of energy.  Heal yourself through breath, color, and relationship by shifting negativity to prosperity through these active shifts in being and responding in your relationships and within yourself. Namaste, in love and light, bg.


3 energies integrate to create a multifaceted YOU

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Spirit, Mind, and Body.

How often do you hear about these essential qualities?  Probably a lot.  The idea of integrating these three together is very popular right now.  But do you understand how much their integration defines who and how you are in the world?

When working with disease, ennui, unhappiness, and dissatisfaction I see how these three are disconnected.  Most people go through life living without feeling deeply into one of these three spaces.

People who remain in unhappy relationships or unsatisfying working situations are not listening to their spirit or their mind. They disregard the feeling of ennui and simply press forward, after a while this leads to a deeper crevasse in their spirit, mind, body connection and can lead to a lack of healthy actions on how they care for their body, or to behaviors that are inconsistent with their mind (values) and heart (spirit).  People who abuse their bodies with drugs, smoking, bad food, or lack of exercise are not feeling into their bodies or their spirit…they may be disregarding what their mind is saying.  When you are spirit, mind, and body integrated you know that smoking is hurting you, you feel it in your spirit, in your body, and you can see and understand it in your mind.

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING you need to know you have access to through your integrated Spirit, mind, and body connection.  Your internal sensory guidance system communicates with you at lightening speed and with perfection about your actions and experiences, your ‘doing and being’, to assist you to remain integrated and to amplify that integration to create success.

The question is will you listen to your inner communications or will you ignore these.  The life you want is completely within your grasp.  Step into the grace of being and allow the perfection of your life to present itself to you.  Reconnect spirit, mind, and body.  Take action from that integrated inner connection and knowing.  Then everything that matters and has value to you will be love and light, bg

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father’s day and the energy of yang

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For  Father’s Day I wanted to honor everything Yang.

Yang energy is the energy that pushes a seedling through earth toward the sun.

Yang energy is masculine, it is accomplishment and action in the world; new ideas and inventions, creations that are big and bold and light.  Yang energy is the energy that pushes you toward your goal.  It can be aggressive and assertive and full of power, moving you forever upward.

Your father archetype (the yang in your parental group) instills the energy to leave your home and go on an adventure; to build your outer personality and life.  Fathers show the way, even when they do not mean to do it, even in their absence, it is to your father that you look to see how to work, create, build, and innovate.

In the American culture, some of the Yang energy has been over emphasized in ‘bigness’, big buildings, big cars, big homes, and the over-accumulation of things and over emphasis on competition.  While the over-emphasis has perhaps skewed the course of the culture, the Yangness is indeed a necessary component of balanced growth.  Without the push of yang energy, the seedling would not make it to the new world through the feminine energy of earth.

Yin energy needs Yang energy for balance.  Night becomes day.  The inner weaving of Yin energy develops into the outer Yang innovation and creation.

Celebration of the sun, day, light, is a lovely way to celebrate Father’s Day.  You can build a fort in the mountains, on the beach, in your backyard or at the park.  You can take a hike in the sun.

You can design and create a new building with Legos, or with left over parts in the garage or experiment drawer.

Yang energy has the active quality of doing, making, and creating.  Go out and create, conquer, and experience the power of the sun and your physicality.  Bring out your father archetype, or yang energy, and see what innovation you can develop.

Happy Father’s Day; Embrace your powerful Yang love and light, bg

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mindfulness and parenting revisited

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Negotiating the treacherous waters of parenting can be anxiety provoking and discouraging.

This results from both internal insecurity and external unpredictability.

Three steps will keep you in the flow and having fun as you reclaim the role of mama/papa/leader.

Step 1.  Strengthen your connection to your personal sensory guidance system.  This is the connection to the information freeway  from your five senses and your intuition.  This is information about your environment, your child, and others that assists you in making thoughtful decisions. Step 2. Trust your knowing of your child. Listen to him or her – listen with your ears, your heart, and your sensory guidance system. Step 3. Guide with strength and lovingkindness. Be self-confident and go with the flow. Be patient, kind, and firm.  Say I am sorry, and make efforts to shift your responses to best meet you child’s needs.  Model respect and trust by being respectful and trustworthy.  In all your disciplinary responses focus on learning and loving; be loving and sensitive to the multi-level issues involved, respond quickly and clearly, and use the opportunity to teach joy and strength in being a responsible person; an individual connected to a community.

To help you embrace the three steps, understanding the nature of the parenting is key.

  • Parenting is modeled.
  • This means that you learn how to parent from your interpretation of your own parenting.  This concept of learning social interactions through your group associations is a function of how the human brain develops over the first 24 years of life; and a part of what happens whenever you enter a new social group, environment.
  • What you see done is what you incorporate into doing to others and to yourself; as you age the internalized reflection of yourself becomes solidified.  Once you are into middle age the malleability of your reflection, your internalized sel-persona/picture requires a release of the accepted self and a reevaluation of ‘who you are’… due to the solidified nature of your introjected self, often this requires a traumatic event to shift your internal accepted picture of self.
  • There is a strong desire to be accepted and approved of by your significant others (beginning with moms and dads, and then moving on to peers).
  • You know who you are and how you should be treated, what you perceive as your role in relationship, from what is reflected to you by your parents, your primary caregivers, and your first social groups –> your siblings and cousins, and then your peers, friends.
  • So, if there is dysfunction or trauma or damage in those early relationships you have deficits in your ability to navigate the waters of parenting your children.

Cognitive/behavioral therapy, meditation, yoga, and mindfulness development uplevel your consciousness so that you can shift and rebalance your inner self perception and your outer actions.

Trust, be trustworthy, act with strength and kindness, be forgiving and persevering.

As you guide, be willing to incorporate new information about your child or your beliefs and make adjustments to your course to align your actions, beliefs/values, and your parenting.

Parenting is a dynamic, organic (as in living and responsive to environmental changes) process.

  • Be confident, proactive, reflective, flexible, and trustworthy in your actions and intentions.
  • Be willing to adjust your response and be flexible as you see the need to do so and be firm when you perceive this is important.
  • Respond with seriousness to serious problems, and playfulness with problems which are not serious; stay responsive and discern the difference.  in love and light, bg