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For my dear friend Lesley and she walks forward in her life without her beloved father…also for everyone learning to walk in ‘right relationship’ with the understanding that being right in relationship is not equal to being in right relationship. in love and light, bg
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Graciousness is doing the right thing under pressure – when you are most challenged to act without grace.  It is the embodiment of Grace.

From my perspective it is showing character and compassion when you are being attacked or threatened, rising above or transcending the conflict and acting from a centered, compassionate place.

Graciousness is a behavior that accompanies mindfulness.

I am using the term grace to refer to one’s beneficence, goodwill, kindness, and compassion.  Using mindfulness to analyze a situation, being mindful, results in gracious behavior.

This requires a change in consciousness.  It is a transcendent way of being in the world.  It requires moving out of a dualistic style of being in the world.

One has to move out of the dualistic of right/wrong, victim/persecutor perspective and into a transcendent consciousness of compassion and mindfulness.  Taking action to promote peace and grace rather than proving you are…

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