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When you look into the face of another, see yourself

For days now I find myself feeling gratitude for the simple things. My health. My community. The people I love. My home. The opportunity to make a living doing something I love. My freedom.

The tragedy of what is happening on the global scene keeps breaking into my consciousness. People dying as they flee the homes they have had for generations. Children trying to learn in refugee camps without food or clothing. The deep unwillingness of government to care for these lost souls, the focus on power and manipulation is heartbreaking.

It’s more than just being mindful or having sympathy, I can actually feel the despair, anxiety, and fear. It’s heavy and stifling.

This feeling is part of my intuition and sensefulness, but it is more than having an open heart. I have the gift of empathy, not just sympathy, but actual empathic feeling.removing your invisibility cloak

Standing in line at the grocery store, I can feel the pain, fear, anxiety, anger of the person behind me.  When I work on my patients on my acupuncture table I can feel in my hand the pain in their body.  Sometimes, I can feel their precise pain in the various spots in my body, not just my hand. Sometimes I feel the pain of historical trauma, which they are numb from and sometimes I feel a physical illness.

It is an extraordinary experience and gift. I am very grateful, as it helps me in offering healing to others and in assessing their level of health.

However, it is a gift that needs managing.

This seeps into my sensing system from the global community too, from nature, the ocean and trees under attack, animals losing space, treated inhumanely, even in places where there have been atrocities.

When I was fourteen years old, I went to Dachau, Germany with a group of high school aged kids.  It was part of a music education program.  When I got off the bus I was hit by the oppressive death, fear, anxiety, and hatred that still hung in the air.

I couldn’t breath; I was sick to my stomach, doubled over in pain.  I couldn’t get fifteen feet away from the bus.  I had to sit down on the dirt, the earth.  It was like breathing in stale hot polluted air; this must be the feel of evil.

My body experienced what had happened there, it presented as deep pain, hot and dull, and sadness, profound despair, apathy and confusion.  How could humans treat other humans this way.

I remember looking at the flowers growing around me in the dirt, astonished that life could grow in such depleted energy.

Albuquerque skiesThis is the amazing rejuvenating power of the earth.  The earth can cleanse the most atrocious crimes.

After awhile, I could breathe and I could move.  I went through the camp and museum. I was cold; I felt heavy in my bones.  I could feel the numbness and the cries and screams in my being.

I am grateful for my ability to feel energy, left over emotion, physical and emotional blocks, spiritual disease.  What I learned that day was the importance of always being at one with the earth.  The importance of atonement.  The value of maintaining connection to the unseen energy that is the fabric of out interconnected beingness.

This experience was a powerful education for me about the importance of not following the crowd, of trusting and acting from my own intuition and instincts.  The atrocities that happened required the quiet agreement of people who knew it was wrong.  Yes, it was out of fear that they agreed, however it resulted in millions of deaths for no reason other than their heritage.

This empathy has always been part of me.  It made trouble for me as a young child growing up in a family with parents that didn’t understand me and how I knew so much.  I have been used by others over the years for this gift, before I came to understand it and learn to manage it as part of me, yet separate from my true being.

Over time, once I understood my intuitive, empathic sensefulness self, it has made my work with my clients and patients more effective.  It has made my life difficult, yet it has offered a place for true healing to take place in my healing practice, through my willingness to listen to it, be guided by it. I have had to learn how to manage it.

Sensefulness can create a way for you to guide your life toward success and prosperity, too. You can read this post for more information about how this works.

In addition to sensing the pain of those in my practice, vicinity, or friendship community, I have also had a number of premonitive experiences: intuition, premonition, precognition, perception in time and space, 1.31.11

This continues as more ancient and present day communities are being traumatized in the middle east and in my own country.

reflectionFor me, rather than turn away or push away these deeply powerful experiences, I choose to face each person who crosses my path with direct care, and attention.  I choose to see in the face of the other, my face. I choose to find compassion and care within me to reach out and make a difference where I can.

This action, this step is the way through.  It is in the acts of kindness by strangers in small communities that we reclaim our human heritage.  That we are all one people, all connected by the planet on which we live and that we all want care and love.

I use my relationship with herbs, plants, rocks, animals, and nature to rejuvenate, to heal and release the trauma and disease that gets caught in my being because of my empathic healing.  I encourage you to act in this way, through compassion toward others.  And to use the healing power of being in nature to heal yourself.

In the next few weeks I will offer specific rituals that you can use to increase your sensefulness, your intuition and compassion AND to heal and release negative energy that you have in you from these and other experiences.  You can follow this blog to get more information.  Also, if you desire to have a healing from me you can contact me through my website to set up a clearing and reading.  in love and light, bg

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