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Intuition, Premonition, and Precognition – perception in time and mindfulness



Intuition, premonition, and precognition are knowings about the future.

Intuition is a type of sixth sense that is integrated with our five sense awareness system and can be developed through mindfulness, attention, and intention.  Intuition is more about a now experience.  Intuition is an instinctive knowing, and provides guidance in decision-making and direction.

Premonition and precognition are a type of future knowledge either through sense awareness or actual information or cognition of a future event.  These are generally urgent and or negative, a feeling or knowing that something bad is going to happen.

I have written previously about intuition in my blog called instinctive knowing. I think of intuition as an instinctive knowing that gets our attention in subtle and nagging or persistent ways, pulling us back to situations to take action to avoid something that is a problem or needs our attention.

I have had several premonition experiences.

The first event was about 11 days before the 2001 September 11 attack on the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and attempted attack on the White House.  It was a profoundly painful and shocking experience, in which I was thrown out of my bed  from a deep sleep, by some unexplainable energy.  I received a blow to my left eye, requiring 14 stitches, and a head injury with memory loss for several months.

The second event occurred near the death of my dear friend.  I experienced this as her energy unlinking from my energy.  It was an intense pulling almost tearing or ripping from my energy field.  I fell to the ground and could not get up for several minutes.  It was quite terrifying as I was not sure of what was happening to me. The disorientation lasted about 30 minutes.  I had been providing energetic healing to my friend over the course of her illness for a year and a half.  I later discerned that this was the time that she actually died.  I was not with her, nor did I know that she had died at the time I experienced the event.  I learned of her passing about a week later, when I was informed by one of her family members of her memorial service.

A third event occurred about 13 days before the death of my father; I perceived it as his energy unlinking from mine.  I had been caring for him over the last 6 months of his disease.  I perceived this as the time wherein his spirit or soul had made the decision to leave the planet.  I was with him when he died about 2 weeks later.

The most recent event occurred several days before the recent assassination attempt of the Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.  This was less painful than the previous three events, but lasted for a great deal longer.  It was intensely uncomfortable for 30 minutes but was disorienting and problematic for several hours.  Because of my earlier experiences I thought it might be indicative of something happening to someone close to me.  I called all my family members and all were ok.  Two days later the assassination event occurred.

In all events I felt an intense premonition with physical repercussions however I did not have a precognition of the events per se.  I was able to intuit the connection between the events and my friend’s and father’s deaths, but only made a guess that the other two events were related to the serious tragedies that followed.  A very intense dream predated the event related to the 9/11 attack and the assassination event.  These dreams held many archetypal images of evil which were uncommon in my typical dream processes.

My last three premonition events share a very specific physical experience that occurs directly in my brain and perceptual field.  It is as if part of my brain is not under my control, akin to how a muscle feels when it has fallen asleep and is beginning to get blood back to it – heavy, fuzzy and outside normal control. It is difficult to describe the feeling, but it has a quality of an intense dizziness, where I feel greatly disoriented, unable to stand up and I experience my head being heavy and pulled to the ground.  There is no precipitating event to explain the phenomenon.  It lasts from several minutes to several hours; my pulse and blood pressure are normal for me.

I have had other events where I felt that someone I love or care for was in a dangerous situation.  The most recent this past summer.  In each of these events I had an extremely uncomfortable feeling, almost irritating from a physical perspective of being bothered and worried.  This to me is more of an instinctive knowing or intuition and is usually related to a situation where I can make a change by paying attention or by being available to the person about whom I am worried.

Developing intuition through paying attention to your sensory awareness system and developing your mindfulness so that you can allow your perceptions to assist you in mediating between figure and ground are useful when being faced with premonitional experiences.

It is possible to utilize intuitive information to make changes in direction in your life course or to intervene in some situations.  I have not been able to effect any change as a result of my premonitional  experiences.  Through some precognitive dreams I have been able to initiate a course change for myself and others, and so have been able to utilize these in a positive growth-promoting way.

The idea of having a premonition of a negative event but not being able to effect any change as a result of this, is somewhat frustrating and disorienting.

I perceive that there are levels of possible futures, related to the way in which time and space unfold.  Many circumstances together create an event and as a result what outcome will be is part of a specific equation of a number of factors and actions.  Thus the theory of free will in many spiritual traditions.

However, a number of divinatory systems and individuals who perceive they have access to future information seem to see a picture of what is to come.  Events are set into place that once followed to their natural course result in specific event; any change in a person’s actions could bring about a different outcome.  Astrology, Tarot readings, the I Ching, and other divinatory systems check specific charts and meanings and many are based in mathematical equations.  However, there isn’t always agreement.

These premonitions may be a type of intuition from a collective unconscious archetypal energy perspective.  So that when there is a stronger chance of something happening, then those who are sensitive to this energy receive the information.

J. W. Dunne, a British aeronautics engineer, undertook the first systematic study of precognition in the early twentieth century. In 1927, he published the classic An Experiment with Time, which contained his findings and theories. Dunne’s study was based on his personal precognitive dreams, which involved both trivial incidents in his own life and major news events appearing in the press the day after the dream. When first realizing that he was seeing the future in his dreams, Dunne worried that he was “a freak.” His worries soon eased when discovering that precognitive dreams are common; he concluded, that many people have them without realizing it, perhaps because the do not recall the details or fail to properly interpret the dream symbols. Dunne’s Theory of Serial Time proposes that time exists in layers on dimensions, each of which may be viewed in different perspectives from different layers.

Dunne concluded with his Experiment With Time, that time was best observed as an “eternal now”, from The power of premonitions: How knowing the future can shape our lives, by Larry Dossey.

What is interesting about this is the concept that where we have the power to change is in the now.   What we are experiencing is always in the now, so when we have a premonition of the future the action we take now may actually have an effect on the future now.

Practicing meditation and mindfulness may open-you-up to increased information to guide your actions now, and effect outcomes in your future now.   Pretty cool side effect of increasing your centeredness, and relaxed, neutral state of being.

See you tomorrow.


Author: instinctivehealthparenting4u

Author, Integrative medicine practitioner, psychotherapist. Albuquerque, NM practice, focus on return to balance and the integration of spirit, mind, and body through meditation and mindfulness. Monthly trainings, & professional and personal development coaching. Find more on my website Read my books, Turning NO to ON: The Art of Parenting with Mindfulness, Turning ME to WE: The Art of Partnering with Mindfulness (, for increased internal wellness and alignment with your spiritual purpose, and to activate joyous love and light, bg

28 thoughts on “Intuition, Premonition, and Precognition – perception in time and mindfulness

  1. i too have had premonication,da ja vu, extra sensory peception, the knowing, the uneasy feeling in my gut,my subconscious brain telling me an event came about through my subconscious mind a form of telepthy,visions in which am still getting however some these i have no control over it does not come at will.i know its there deep down within me i feel it.

  2. Over the years I have had these weird feelings in my stomach. I get so sick and extremely nervous to where I have to force myself to eat and sleep. I have predicted 4 grandparents deaths, a heart attack and 3 accidents that my exboyfriend was in. I have never met anyone that knows what I go thru. I.m having them again and it scares me so bad to know something is going to happen and I can’t do anything about it. Its nice to read that there are people out there like me.

    • I have the same feelings! I hate them. Usually when I get the nervous feeling that something is about to happen it’s usually to late.

  3. There was a doctor who tested subjects’ intuition and premonition sensory abilities, in an attempt to prove intuition is a sixth sense and in the same category as tasting, smelling, touching, hearing, and what’s the last one? balance? He showed the test subjects, who adorned a cap attached to an EEG machine able to track their brain activity, a series of pictures in a random order. In the group of pictures there were some, keep in mind in random order, meant to provoke an emotion in the testee. It just so happened that in the cases in which an emotionally charged picture was shown, 53% of the time the subjects’ brain activity spiked moments beforehand. This discrepancy is not major, yet suggests a weighted tendency to intuitively predict the future; such as a gambler will recognize a quarter, should it be flipped, to be more likely to land heads up due to its’ weight being uneven in nature.

    At this point I would like nothing less to forgo my cognoscente aptitude of this perplexing new outlook on something we know so little about; therefore, I would like to interpose my own thoughts and views. This experiment suggests time does not always flow in a consistent path or direction even. And our intuition may allow us to, in a since, feel the future just as we can reconnect with past events and relive those feelings. Moreover, I would suggest, yet the specifics as to why I will not reveal, that because our senses are heightened during increased respiratory function as well as cardiac rates, so too would our intuition, were it to follow the rules of our other senses, as well as during times of peak alpha, beta, and/or theta brain wave activity as those appear to be linked to greater insight and creativity, as well as physical ability, during times of prayer or meditation and peak performance in athletes.

    I would love to know, if you can remember, what you were doing when you felt these premonitions.

    All the answers to all the worlds questions can be revealed through all our subconscious’s.

    • Dear Ryan Your comments are quite interesting and I find that I agree with much of what you say. I will say that my premonition experiences tend to be stronger under several conditions – when I am in prayer or meditation or some form of listening in. Also when I am less connected emotionally to the person – or less in touch with that connection – which is to say that I can get strong information about strangers as an imprint as well as strong information about those close to me when in a light trance ( which allows for a distancing of my left brain mind). I perceive that a lot of the information is from my easy connection to the right brain aspect of my mind. Is this consistent with your observations and thoughts? Beth

  4. I think I have some form of precognition, and only to things that involve me. They seemed to have started as somewhat after-the-facts.
    When I was 14, my great-grandmother passed away. That day, all day long I had a light nausea and pain in my stomach. Once I arrived home and my mother told me she had passed, the symptoms vanished.
    The same happened when traveling one day in my early twenties. I had recently been in a serious relationship. Upon descending a hill, the image of my ex’s truck sitting at a shop at the foot of the hill crossed my mind and the nausea with pain symptoms returned. Once I got to the bottom of the hill, there sat his truck, just like in the vision. The symptoms again vanished.
    When I was about 26-27, I received these symptoms again on Easter Day. No images crossed my mind that I remember, but when I arrived home, I found one of my beloved cats had a tragic accident. Upon finding the cat, the symptoms vanished.
    In 2008-2009, I was in a very emotionally abusive relationship. I knew I wanted out, but didn’t have the courage to leave. One day, while walking through my apartment, I got the vision of the number 9, the nausea symptoms rushed over me and were gone just as quickly and I felt a ‘knowing’ that I was going to be leaving him very soon. At the time, this knowledge made me sad. I left in May of 2009.
    The reason I am writing this is now I’ve had another one; one that I don’t like at all. I’m in a committed relationship with a good man. We’ve been together for almost 2 1/2 years. We have been through a lot with the current economy. Things are getting back to comfortable financially for us. However, the other day, I was walking to my computer when I got a vision of the calendar- this month, the last two weeks. I got the unsettling feeling that there was going to be emotional pain, lots of unhappiness, and a terrible fear that I’m going to lose him. I really hope it’s all a mistake, however lately he has been emotionally distant from me. A long conversation revealed that he doesn’t know how he feels, but he does know he loves me.

    I don’t want this premonition/precognition thing. I’m praying that it was nothing at all, and that we will be fine.

  5. I think its all in the awareness, the sensible present that can be perceived from an energy field, the most power full one comes from the being. I meant being.

  6. Very interesting to read your site. I found it googling this subject, as I’ve become quite aware of my own abilities of premonition/strong intuition in some areas of my life. I’ve been aware of it even before I was a teenager but have decided to avoid discussing it with people in general, in the fear that they see me as a weirdo, being silly or similar.
    However, I do come from a long line of Nordic people who have been able to see the future, have seen premonition dreams, from both sides of my family. My mother is able to do it, father too (although he rarely mentions it, for the same reasons I do).. and especially my father’s mother and her sisters had very strong notions about these skills. They were able to see peoples’ deaths, many often the dying persons came to say farewell to them in dreams/half-awake dreams, and they also saw the good things about to happen, along with the bad ones.

    I’ve myself been able to foresee some major events in my life, for example, the birth of a friend’s son via feeling remarkable cramps, pain and dizziness, while being over 2,500 km away. And sort of dejavu-dreamed some very mundane everyday things. And rest assured, I’ve read a lot of academic literature about deja vu and similar phenomena.
    ..Basically trying to convince myself that there is still a more logical explanation to all of these phenomena. A friend of mine, who also has these skills to some extent, has suggested that I read up more about it, and that I should try to keep an open mind to cherishing my intuition or premonitions, as the whole thing makes me a bit anxious for the fear of being labelled a madwoman. No need to explain it further, you all know what I mean.

    So, here I am, trying to keep an open mind and trying to learn more about these odd but slightly unnerving abilities.
    Any suggestions for good reading or other information sources are very welcome.

    Thanks for reading, I wish you all a pleasant week and clarity of mind,

    • Hi S
      There are a few lovely books about developing these skills – Opening to channel, or Betsy-Morgan Coffman’s book – I’m beside myself. Also Stanislav Groff’s book Spiritual Emergency can be helpful. Good luck! bg

    • Such a great post and hope things are ok:) any advice for me?

      • Hi, So as you develop your intuitive skills you will notice that fear is not intuition it is just anxiety. If you have an urgent sense about something without a fear anxious state then you are strengthening your intuitive skills. I hope that your path brings you peace of mind regarding the concerns you identified. blessings, bg

  7. I have a relatively certain that I have gained a minor sense of precognition. I am frequented by precognitive dreams that allow for me to see weeks, months, even years into the future and it is unnerving. I, being only 13, am not able to start comprehending my exact abilities very well. I have had a dream of my future self in 2010 where I was able to see a third-person perspective of myself getting my girlfriend that I had gotten. Looking exactly the same as I did in my dream. I do wish to further my precognitive sense, but it will take some number of years before I can do that.

  8. Thanks for writing this. I recently decided that I should nurture my intuitive side more…I stopped before because the premonitions were too scary. This was a very insightful article and very helpful. I am now open to learning more. Thanks.

  9. Reblogged this on InstinctiveHealthParenting4U and commented:

    This blog of January 31, 2011 has had the most hits on my site. So I wanted to update followers (and those who find themselves viewing this blog) on what has been transpiring over the last 6 months.
    A quote from the bog: My last three premonition events share a very specific physical experience that occurs directly in my brain and perceptual field. It is as if part of my brain is not under my control, akin to how a muscle feels when it has fallen asleep and is beginning to get blood back to it – heavy, fuzzy and outside normal control. It is difficult to describe the feeling, but it has a quality of an intense dizziness and slight disorientation, unable to stand up and I experience my head being heavy and pulled to the ground. There is no precipitating event to explain the phenomenon. It lasts from several minutes to several hours; my pulse and blood pressure are normal for me. .. end quote.
    In the recent six month I have been doing increasing energy work on the people who enter my practice, using specific essential oil sprays, for energy rebalancing of the wheels within their spiritual/physical systems as well as the auric fields around them, incorporating the medical intuitive information I receive and clarifying imbalance through tuning forks and toning bowls. As I have developed this I am experiencing even more elements of the above described experiences within my own brain and physical body. This has been very helpful to those people entering my practice.
    For those also experiencing these changes, here are some helpful techniques to rebalance yourself after a healing treatment or premonition/precognition experience.
    Baking soda can help to remove radiation and problematic negative discharge that has caused an imbalance within you. Salting the environment, your sleeping area, your meditation area or workspace can dampen negative energies, you can then vacuum these up to cleanse. Apple cider vinegar in a bath can help to maintain your cleansed auric field. Sage, asefetida, lemongrass, and mugwort can clear the air and clear physical objects that have been glutted with negative energy…you may know that some item needs one of these if when you pick it up or touch it you feel nausea or it hurts your hand.
    Cypress, orange blossom, eucalyptis, and geranium help to assuage depression and anxiety. Lemon, lime, and grapefruit help to clear out negative, angry, frustrated feelings. Rose helps to access self love, compassion and forgiveness. Chamomile and lavender assist with calming nerves and helping to allow sleep. These are a few ways you can help yourself move into this new dimension without falling ill or feeling that the cost to help is too hard on your body.
    May you continue to evolve to your highest dimension, in love and light, bg

  10. I’ve had similar occurrences for years, however, lately I’ve been envisioning people minutes and sometimes seconds before I run into them. These are people that I know or was introduced to. It’s kind of weird for me having the feeling and saying, “I was just thinking about you.” My mom said I was born with a veil over my face so maybe that had something to do with it.

  11. This is a great article and feels good to know im not alone. I really need help though!!! Back oo August 12, I woke up a different person and in a severe panic. Nothing had happened the previous night to cause the horrible feeling that is still here and only getting worse. Something changed in me and my eyes were all of a sudden wide open to everything! Like a message telling me to pay attention. Since a young age, I’ve always had a strong intuition and knew when something was going to happen before it did. Now, its severe and I don’t understand why its happening or what is so bad that is going to happen . Its a sickening feeling and scaring the hell out of me! The only thing that I can think of is, dying or death. My health is failing very fast and to young. My health also started to worsen back in August. So many strange things have been happening that I cant make sense of. Things showing up in photos and strange visions/dreams and nightmares. I don’t want to say im psychic but cant think of another word. I am so terrified of this feeling that something bad is going to happen, I don’t know what to do to stop it. I feel like someone or something is trying to send me a message or warn me. If my health was good, I wouldn’t care so much and just wait it out. This is my life and I am desperate for answers or anything at this point. I cant just go into my doctor and say,” hey Dr, I have a severe intuition that you ignoring my health issues because their to complex for you is going to kill me”!? Can someone please help me with this? This is that bad if im on the internet looking for answers ..

    • It is good that you are listening to your body and your intuition…It will serve you as you navigate the health care system. Sending you

      • Thank you for such a positive reply:) that means alot to me. This feeling has got worse over the past few days and feel like this”bad thing”, is getting closer to happening. I know it sounds like I have severe anxiety and your probably right. Its just this feeling that’s giving it to me. I feel like my mind it in a constant state of panic but, I know once whatever is going to happen happens, the feeling will probably go away.? I don’t feel like myself anymore and since this feeling began. Its just not me anymore and I don’t know what happened or, is happening to me. I am so scared and don’t know what to do. No doctor can fix an intuition..I’m always looking for answers and not getting one really scares me. Especially right now, with such an intense feeling . I try to relax, meditate, be positive but nothing is working. Its like I am constantly trying to stop my brain from thinking. Telling myself that things will be ok when , I know they wont. Almost feeling like I know that a bomb will fall on my room if I don’t do something to stop it. Or, like someone telling you that your going to die but not telling you when, how or why. That’s the only way I can describe this. Is there anything I can do or anyone i can talk to that would understand this type of stuff without judgment? Dr’s won’t understand and will think I’m nuts when I’m very far from. Its hard to just relax or sit back and wait when its this bad. I want to stop it but can’t , without knowing what it is. I really do think its related to my health going down hill . There isn’t to much going on in my life to cause this feeling . Do you have any ideas or what would you do?? Unfortunately, many people are close minded and don’t believe in intuition and that people can feel or sense things. That makes opening up alot harder and the fear of knowing that telling someone will make you look bad or unstable. I wish there was someone who had this happen to them and advice on coping with “knowing”, something is very wrong. I feel like doing nothing will end up worse..

    • That’s how I feel about my experiences (not quite the same as yours) “freaked out” (if you want to feel free to scroll down and read. I do have to have been getting “colds” back to back.” I try to talk to people about it and they ‘say go get medicine” they don’t realize that won’t make it go away- will just cover it up. Glad I am not the only one freaked out

  12. So many great posts on here and it feels good to know I’m not alone. Having this gift or, whatever you want to call it is not so fun sometimes. It almost feels like a curse at times. For me, it causes alot of worry and anxiety by not knowing WHY you know things. Lol! I am looking for all and any advice I can get right now. I will keep everyone updated to, as to what is causing my feeling happens. I hope to god that my mind is just playing tricks on me but not likely. I really hope that my feeling is wrong and that its not related to my health issues causing a bad outcome.

  13. I am a private researcher fascinated by these phenomena, it is my intention to develop a technology to measure the potential of consciousness, and through specific protocols being able to predict events or to influence them. If you want help me in this research visit my project on http://www.gofundme/angelodm site.

  14. There was a day I entered the world , felt the rain upon my skin and at that very moment I I I was reborn , complete and cleansed but the trials ahead of me were more powerful than I could ever have predicted even though I had felt them intuitively long before the events unfolded , a gift is not to scare us but to help us , don’t fear it but embrace it , the feeling of sickness will ease and the fear that lays heavy within you will calm and slightly disperse but will still hang around just to let you know it’s still there but it won’t over welm you , the secret is to know you can not a future ‘ happening ‘ nor change the past events , the lesson is within yourself to learn and not to teach others , never give in xxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. I to have premonitions and have been for 11 years almost 12 now, some are small and some big but I always have pain in my stomach when my vision is physically happening and I start to feel even more sensitive then usual to the spirits around me, when my vision has just happened I start to feel surrounded by the spirits as if their in a circle around me whilst I’m in pain and it genuinely makes me fear for my life as I get a bad feeling from it. I also keep having sudden flow of visions on the odd occasion where they literally happen every few minutes and again the pain comes in and the feeling of being surrounded and then I start to feel really weak, but why the pain I don’t understand and never have managed to find a answer all these years. I can also talk and receive messages from the dead on the odd occasion, see ghosts, empathic, read minds, control someone’s mind, predict when someone is going to die or someone around them and pick up if someone has recently died around the living (I can smell death). I know I must sound crazy

  16. Sometimes I get these little flashes of Intuition and Precog nonsense. I’m not claiming to be Physcic, but it’s pretty scary to see your feeling come true.

  17. Beth,

    My name is Angela,

    I can’t say how long I’ve gotten these stomach aches, which feel like a knot in my stomach. I can’t get comfortable, when I try to sleep I toss and turn, over and over, I’m anxious and at times I have even felt like puking. The first time I noticed that this feeling is followed by something bad occurring, was when I was in the eighth grade, it was a Friday night, and this feeling was haunting me, by night I couldn’t sleep. When I closed my eyes, I imagined a bullet came through my wall right into my head. I seen myself in the hospital, I could see my family, my cousin Kristina was crying as she stood over me. It made me so sad I was crying real tears when I woke up. The next morning I was getting ready for church, around 7am, while I finished up my Honey Nut Cheerios, we got a phone call, I heard my mom say “it’s Auntie”. I could hear someone talking, they sound distraught, I thought it was my one aunt, she is slightly selfish, and neglectful and let her newborn go 28 days with a fever. I thought for sure, based on my moms frantic response and shrieks, the baby had either passed away, or was in critical condition, but I was wrong, eventually my mother would mutter out, “Kristina’s drowned”, at the time all I could ask was is she alright, but in my head I was thinking no, no, not her, she can’t be gone. I knew she wasn’t alright, apparently at 6am in Cancun, Mexico, my cousin had drowned in the ocean, while saving someone else.

    The second time was in high school, my junior year, the night prior to my aunt Rita passing away, I had another one of those horrible stomach aches, uneasiness, and inability to sleep. When I closed my eyes, my dreams played out with something happening to my brother. I remember again, crying tears as I awoke. The next day we got another one of those horrible phone calls, this time my dad answered, it played out much the same way, it just hurts.

    Anyway the third time was a bit different I was about 19 years old. I was at my boyfriends house, and I had a friends daughter with me, she was 7, at the time. I brought her there because her mom was outta state and her step dad was lost. She needed a bath, clean clothes and a few good meals, she slept good, me on the other hand, I could not sleep at all. Every time I tried to sleep, this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach would make it impossible to lay down. Eventually I got up, and got ready, then I got her ready, and we headed to take her back. When we were pulling up to the complex I could see 6 cop cars, their lights were on, I realized they were at her house.

    The fourth time I wrote it off as pregnancy pains, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, couldn’t find a comfortable position. That same day my father called very upset, my brothers best friend, who was also like a brother to me, had died. Hysterically I asked my father how, and he said he’d been shot after he got involved in some fight. He said he tried breaking it up, and someone shot him. No one told me he was in the hospital prior, I would have gone to see him.

    The fifth time began about a week or maybe more before the tragedy, but this time I knew, I just had a terrible feeling it was going to be one of my parents. I was getting nervous, when my mom or dad butt dialed me, it was making me neurotic, then one Monday morning, early, I had a job interview. Since I was already running late, and running around trying to get ready, I didn’t realize I forgot my phone. At the interview I was there for quite awhile, I had the interviewers cracking up the entire time. Afterward I stopped by a cleaners to bring in my resume, and fill out an application. At some point I realized I forgot my phone, immediately I got this overwhelming feeling, I was only across the street from my apt. But following that feeling I’d been having, I rushed home, grabbed my phone and had a bunch of missed calls. My dad was in icu, where he’d spend an entire month and 20 days before he passed away.

    I don’t like this, I don’t like knowing and worrying, it’s so draining, and makes it so much worse, it doesn’t give me time to prevent anything, how do I disconnect from this ability? I’m not psychic or I’d make better choices in life, honestly what’s wrong with me? Why does this happen?

  18. I am kind of tired of trying to figure it out but I’ve had precognitions probably most of my life but most were harmless “deja vu” feelings here & there. However, this one person in presence of with many others on 2 occasions but never touched or met. I don’t know when had 1st dream (but before knew of them) but was trying to “test” physic ability due to a part of another dream- kidding around, but while staring right at the person something came into my head (voice?) ‘how old they would be when die and how they would die” and don’t remember any of these things til they happen but this one I had several times (not remember the last one until the next one). The last one I recall having was just a month before the tragedy happened :O 😦 Anyways since this tragedy at new job everything I touch/say/do/hear- conversation and so much more is like constant deja vu (not sure if was part of the other dream(s) or separate before it happened or within weeks following? but I “dreamed of being awake and reacting to the dream of what not living” ? There were other levels/paths of the dream(s) but this is confusing enough at this level. Only main difference is though most reactions are similar (down to small details) I am more polite and person I am than I was in the dream(s).

  19. I’ve had these “premonitions” and clairvoyance, since reaching puberty. I had my first dream that came true at age 16, a year later after it happened. I’ve seen shootings, saw people blow up in front of me, been over in Afghanistan, saw the caves where Al Quaeda slept, and had some Middle Eastern man dressed in white speaking Arabic to me, I saw the Washington Snipers before they were found, and many more. The worst one I had, this “bad feeling” was a week before My Mother passed, and literally felt her gone but didn’t know for sure until the next day, but that night she passed, I saw her sitting on the couch, and then nothing. These “bad feelings” feel like a curse, some days I have them for weeks,and makes me irritable and hard to sit still. It’s good to know that I am not alone in having these “gifts:. Take care all.

  20. It has happened to me a lot. I see events in my visions and dreams, and usually within 2 days, it happens. I have seen murders, disasters etc. I read the news and see EXACTLY what I saw I in my dreams. I write them all out in an anonymous website, for myself to not get too emotionally overwhelmed by them. Because most of the time, they are negative events.

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