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The Arousing, 51 chen (shock, thunder) Source energy uplifts in times of crisis

As I am facing a deep upheaval and change in my life, I am reminded of the power of my inner connection to spirit, and the fabric of life. This post offers lovely insight into how spirit and crisis are powerful love and light, bg


When there is an upheaval in your environment you get an opportunity to re-evaluate your perspective, your beliefs, and the values on what you base your life and actions.

You get an opportunity to re-set your core values – your inner guidance system.  Just as your senses are your internal emotional guidance system to know when a boundary is being crossed, so are your core values your internal spiritual guidance system to set your course through your life.

When your life is bombarded by a set of upheavals or changes you are given an opportunity to reset your life course, your choices in how you move through, and act in your own life.

Upheaval and change can be a profoundly freeing and joyous time.  In every element it is like a new birth and new commitment to yourself and your goals.

Spiritual connection is paramount.  This does not have…

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