Change your Attitude, Heal your Soul, Balance your Life. Uplevel YOUR consciousness. Find your way HOME through MAAPS.

About and Videos


For more information about me, click on the above link to open one of my brochures.  You can also click on the link below to learn more about sound healing and the Talon Claw Healing Circle, and iBook – check out my website for opportunities to get a medical intuitive channeling, energy rebalancing, and long distance healings..



Click on this link to hear a  Great Interview with Corine La Font, on Between the Lines of dr Beth Gineris about how to really get benefit from Beth’s books and wisdom about relationships, parenting, and mindfulness, wonderful interactive discussion with lots of helpful tips. You can also get a flavor of the Me to WE book through this link Kasa 2 fox TV, Albuquerque, NM, Kasa This Morning, April 22, 2014, interview 1.  Please also visit the Books page on this site to see another interview showing How this works!

2 thoughts on “About and Videos

  1. Hey Beth – wonderful videos! Lot’s of fantastic information!

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