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father’s day and the energy of yang

Hello and Welcome!

For  Father’s Day I wanted to honor everything Yang.

Yang energy is the energy that pushes a seedling through earth toward the sun.

Yang energy is masculine, it is accomplishment and action in the world; new ideas and inventions, creations that are big and bold and light.  Yang energy is the energy that pushes you toward your goal.  It can be aggressive and assertive and full of power, moving you forever upward.

Your father archetype (the yang in your parental group) instills the energy to leave your home and go on an adventure; to build your outer personality and life.  Fathers show the way, even when they do not mean to do it, even in their absence, it is to your father that you look to see how to work, create, build, and innovate.

In the American culture, some of the Yang energy has been over emphasized in ‘bigness’, big buildings, big cars, big homes, and the over-accumulation of things and over emphasis on competition.  While the over-emphasis has perhaps skewed the course of the culture, the Yangness is indeed a necessary component of balanced growth.  Without the push of yang energy, the seedling would not make it to the new world through the feminine energy of earth.

Yin energy needs Yang energy for balance.  Night becomes day.  The inner weaving of Yin energy develops into the outer Yang innovation and creation.

Celebration of the sun, day, light, is a lovely way to celebrate Father’s Day.  You can build a fort in the mountains, on the beach, in your backyard or at the park.  You can take a hike in the sun.

You can design and create a new building with Legos, or with left over parts in the garage or experiment drawer.

Yang energy has the active quality of doing, making, and creating.  Go out and create, conquer, and experience the power of the sun and your physicality.  Bring out your father archetype, or yang energy, and see what innovation you can develop.

Happy Father’s Day; Embrace your powerful Yang love and light, bg