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4×4 Habits 2 Health, week 3 Create Space for Breath

Breathing in Breathing out..
Seems simple enough, right?
True we are all breathing in and out right now.
To Create Space for Breath has more to do with conscious breathingInspiration and Letting go of that which does not serve…not only from a physical point of view, spiritually, and emotionally, too.

Practice this right now.
Take a deep breath. What happened – did your chest expand? Great.
Now take a breath in and think about breathing deep into your lower lungs, so deep that your belly expands out… Great!
Now, what do you notice is different between your chest expanding breath and your belly expanding breath?
Write down the differences…describe whether you feel your heart rate increase or decrease; whether you feel more or less relaxed; whether you feel a deeper sense of calm or a readiness to react; describe which allows a focus on your external or internal environment.

Okay. Now that you have your own personal experience on paper you can consciously practice the type of breathing you feel brings you to your center, increases your awareness of your internal sensory guidance system, releases anxiety, and readies you to respond mindfully.

Mindful breathing can help you discern what is you and what belongs to another.  Check out this post for more detailed information about the power of discernment and conscious breathing, .  Another post that really describes the flow of energy through breathing and ways to dispel left-over negative energy in your body is this blog, from March 2010 and reblogged last year,

Why focused breathing? Because it puts you back into the driver seat of your life.

Shallow, automatic breathing actually keeps you disconnected from the now.  Focused, conscious, mindful breathing brings you back into the center of your being; it allows you to choose How you want to Be in the world; How you want to respond in a given situation. By centering you in the now, you are able to discern what you want to keep in our life and what you want to release.  It cuts through anxiety and fear to a quiet inner locus of control that allows your personal sensory guidance system (your five senses and intuition) to guide you through any labyrinth.  You may look at this recent blog for even more information about the relationship between will and breath, .

And for any of you healers out there, this is my favorite blog about the importance of stillness, breath, and being a healer, .  Breath allows you to focus your energy and create the space for healing, yours as well as other’s.

As part of your 4×4 Habits 2 Health, Breath is one of the powerful keys to changing your world; to change you from the inside out.

Yoga can be a powerful tool to increasing your positive relationship with breath and your body.

Choosing to create space for breath includes creating the Habit of breathing through your fear, your anxiety,  your stress.

Begin each day with three deep relaxing, belly expanding breaths.  You may follow this with a more entailed breathing in and breathing out session for five minutes (if you do this remember to make your inhalation shorter than your exhalation, so breathing in for a count of 3 and breathing out for a count of 5)  Or 9 sets of Sun Salutation A, see this blog for how to do that:

OR through a sound toning and breathing session, see this blog for how to do that: .

Create the space to breathe and you will notice a whole new way of being in your life. Apply this to the map you have already created to focus your energy even further and create healthy habits NOW. breathing in love and light, sending it your way, bg

You can find out more at  Beth’s upcoming book, 6 steps to transcending conflict and elevating consciousness, due out in 2015 offers special techniques for releasing unresolved injuries…and the elevation of consciousness.

You may participate in seminars to learn these techniques through the bethgineris website. Beth’s groundbreaking book Turning Me to WE: The Art of Partnering with Mindfulness(2013), has some great tools about Temperament style and your personal style of partnering, as well as the insecurity Drivers MAAPS.front cover.me2we  Discover where you are in the Temperament and  the MAAPS section.  You can see how you see the world, and whether you have an attachment that is creating problems in your relationships.  MAAPS will help you to discern your insecurities and understand how and what underlies how you developed your insecurity driver (Money,  Achievement,  Attachment, Power,  Structure).

You can find ways to simply connect to yourself in a loving forgiving way through theTurning No to ON: The Art of Parenting with Mindfulness Book (2011). beth's book No to ONIf you want to change your life, see how you can bring mindfulness to your parenting and relationships.

One being at a time you can elevate the way in which you treat one another and elevate the consciousness on the planet so that equality, balance, and freedom BEcome the norm for all.  in love and light, bg

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Change your life in 3 weeks with three easy steps that only take minutes a day

Here are three easy steps to change your life in three weeks — and they only take minutes a day.

  • First, wake up one hour earlier…in the hour do 10 sun salutations.  Leave 30 minutes earlier for your first appointment or check in time;  when you get to your office or place of business– write down the three things you want to accomplish that day.
  • Second, build into your day three ten minute quiet spaces.
  • Third, change all your passwords to phrases that are positively empowering, express gratitude or encouragement.  Every time you have to log into a site, open your computer or pay a bill and you write in your password…stop to breath and repeat the meaningful statement in your head with a sense of strength.

Do this for three weeks and you will have an increase in energy, money, and recognition.

I used this set of changes over the last five years and managed to write three books (almost finished with the fourth)… increase my income doing more of what I really love, healed my relationships in my family of origin and my chosen family…and most importantly increased my own self confidence, positive self perception, and clarified my daily interactions.

I am not the only one who came up with the meaningful password one, check this out for confirmation:

Namaste, in love and light, bg

You can find out more at  Even More outlined in Beth’s upcoming book, 6 steps to transcending conflict and elevating consciousness, due out in 2014.  You may participate in seminars to learn these techniques through her website.  This book is the HOW TO companion book to Turning Me to WE: The Art of Partnering with Mindfulness(2013).front cover.me2we Discover where you are in the Temperament and  the MAAPS section.  You can see how you see the world, and whether you have an attachment that is creating problems in your relationships.  MAAPS will help you to discern your insecurities and understand how and what underlies how you developed your insecurity driver (Money,  Achievement,  Attachment, Power,  Structure). You can find ways to simply connect to yourself in a loving forgiving way through theTurning No to ON: The Art of Parenting with Mindfulness Book (2011). beth's book No to ONIf you want to change your life, see how you can bring mindfulness to your parenting and relationships.  One being at a time you can elevate the way in which you treat one another and elevate the consciousness on the planet so that equality, balance, and freedom BEcome the norm for all.  in love and light, bg




energy blockages released

Haindl_StarThere are a variety of ways in which energy can get blocked. It can be a blockage in cognition through rigid limiting belief systems, it can be a blockage within the body through muscle and breath holding over time, it can be a blockage in your chakras or energy field through a disconnection from spirit OR it can be a combination of all three.

In order to release the blockage humans require intention, insight, gratitude, and forgiveness.

It is an active process. It can be begun with voice and communication but breath and at least one other sense must be employed (sound, smell, color, healing touch/acupuncture, or taste (food, nutrition).

Over the next few blogs I will share with you steps to heal yourself and release your internal blockages. Additionally, I will offer ways to heal your relationships applying these specific techniques and the information available in the Me to WE book (see the link below for the book and other blogs on this site.)

To get a fuller picture of how sound heals you may want to review this blog, or get the iBOOK developed by me with several friends through the TALON CLAW HEALING CIRCLE…this is downloadable to iphone and ipod.

Remember, to release energy blockages, you need

  • intention, I want to heal or uplevel my consciousness.cropped-yoga-11.jpg
  • insight, I am projecting from a habit reaction pattern of reacting. 
  • gratitude, This conflict is a gift to assist me in righting an inner misbelief or loss of faith.
  • and forgiveness, I forgive myself for how I disowned my needs; I forgive you for the injury caused knowingly or unknowingly.

How these steps direct you is through the focused energy of your personal sensory guidance system and your heart led healing rather than psych (mind) or cognitive/behavioral led healing alone.

lao tzuSpirit must be engaged and in the lead in order for a transcendence through thought-based, limiting beliefs.

This allows for real negotiation, movement into the WE style of partnering/ relating,  (feb 2013 blog, i ching Tai (peace) guiding Me to WE) and the elevation of consciousness: transcending third dimensional interactions of right/wrong, good/bad, persecutor/victim, blame.

Your heart knowing is Always communicating to you about what you need and who you are through your personal sensory guidance system of senses.  Listen to your sense reactions, your instincts, your intuition.chakra mantras

Learn to interpret your feelings so that you can see what is your projection and what is universal… focus on intention, insight, gratitude, and forgiveness as an integrated system, informed by your sensory system (which includes intuition) and you will live in a different world.  This is a quantum shift in consciousness led by your heart spirit connection. In each interaction, perception, and action the world can be created anew.  Find your way home.  Namaste, in love and light, bg 


You can find out more at  The steps above are outlined in Beth’s upcoming book, 6 steps to transcending conflict and elevating consciousness, due out in 2014.  You may participate in seminars to learn these techniques through her website.  This book is the HOW TO companion book to Turning Me to WE: The Art of Partnering with Mindfulness(2013).front cover.me2we

Discover where you are in the Temperament and  the MAAPS section.  You can discover how you see the world, and whether you have an attachment that is creating problems in your relationships.  MAAPS will help you to discern your insecurities and understand how and what underlies how you developed your insecurity driver (Money,  Achievement,  Attachment, Power,  Structure).

If you want to change your life, see how you can bring mindfulness to your parenting and relationships.  One being at a time, you can elevate the way in which you treat one another and elevate the consciousness on the planet so that equality, balance, and freedom BEcome the norm for all.  in love and light, bg


Healing sound

I have been using crystal toning bowls in my practice recently, to shift negative energies out of the various chakras and to accelerate the opening of new chakra centers.

There are specific sounds for each chakra:

chakranoteswebc,d,e,f,g,a,b are the notes for the seven chakras typically identified.  The toning bowls that sound at each of these notes can assist in healing these specific chakras.

In addition, my teacher dr. Jeffrey Meyer taught me that chanting the vowels: eh, ee, ah, O, oo in a repeated fashion with one breath can align the various chakras through aligning the five elements in your visceral and etheric system.

The sound is like this:  

When you are feeling out of balance you can use this technique to center yourself and align your physical and spiritual self.  You may notice certain sounds are easier, stronger, or more difficult this gives you an idea of where you may be out of balance.  As you develop an understanding of the connection between the sounds and the elements, you may utilize this connection and sound to heal yourself.

Even without this level of awareness you can feel yourself strengthening and balancing by repeating the sequence with your breath until you feel the shift and rebalancing.  Listen again to the above link, you may notice the difference in strength and alignment from the first to the third toning in the above audio link.

There are crystal bowls for c#, d#, f#, g# and b#.

chakrasnotesastrologyThere is evidence that new  energy centers are developing within our chakra system that correspond with these sharp notes.  These can assist you in developing your capacity for breath, the diaphragm chakra (d#) or  in opening the thymus or higher heart chakra (f#) which can assist with increased immunity, as well as the Zeal point or Mouth of God chakra at the base of the occiput,( g#), which assists with compassion and telepathy, a deeper connection with spirit and the universe.  I have not investigated the evidence about the relationships between these centers and astrology, but this figure offers a sense of the new chakra configuration and sounds.  I have been using the e, f#, and g# in my practice and find these sounds to be profoundly healing.

Here is a link to all the newly developing chakras and sounds, crystal singing bowls.

chakra mantrasAs you are developing your understanding of these bowls, chakras and sounds, you may also want to address blockages in your thinking or beliefs.

Work with the first set of chakras first, root, sacral, and solar plexus as these will help to keep you grounded as you move into higher energetic realms.  You can use color to amplify the strength of these chakras.  Meditation on the chakra will enhance your clarity about what you need and how well balanced you are.

You may want to work with these blockages by simply using cognitive inversions, reframing the difficulties into gifts and aligning with the power of gratitude, compassion, and forgiveness.

Acupuncture, energy work, therapy, journaling, and breathwork are all helpful in realigning with your true power and integrated self.

Yoga is an excellent source of support, to help you balance your integrated spirit, mind, body fields as you are increasing the amount of light you are pulling into your energetic system.  It helps to lengthen your spine so that you can actually hold more light.

Sound is a powerful healer.

Consider the effect certain songs have on you. The effect of a song is not only related to your psychological connection to it in the development of your life, but also to the tone and harmony of it, and how it relates to your internal energetic systems.  Classical music and the Beatles have the ability to create a sense of balance, this is directly related to the healing power of sound.

This is the meditative and balancing power of chanting and toning.

Have fun with this.

Discover what sounds are healing to you.  These may change over time and as a result of various circumstances.

Recognize that you have the power to heal within in you simply through toning and sound.  Embrace the power to heal within yourself and clear the path to a new level of consciousness in thought and action. in love and light, bg

photo(22)For a medical intuitive session, chakra balancing, or sound healing session please contact me at my website, dr beth gineris, at, classes & healing sessions

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III: Balance your life, Nourish your Body, Connect to your Community

Hello and Welcome!  This is third in a series of articles.  III:  Balance your Life, Nourish your Body and Connect to Community.

I:  Change your Attitude, II: Heal your Soul, III: Balance your Life

III: Balance your Life, nourish your BODY through mindful habits: Eat, drink, sleep, exercise

Eat whole foods 

  • grown or cared for in a humane loving way,
  • primarily prepared by you or someone you love,
  • and look like a rainbow to support your physical health.
  • To promote brain health and increase immunity as well as maintain a healthy memory eat nuts, legumes, and foods that ‘look like a brain”… pecans, walnuts, eggs, cauliflower, cacao, and coffee beans to name a few.  check out this post in my other wordpress blog, IntegrativeMedicineStrategiesNow, Brain Food Really.

Drink 3 liters of water a day, more if you exercise or live in a dry climate.  

  • Water, not tea, or coke, or coffee etc…H2O positively helps with your cellular health.
  • It positively affects your cognition, heart, electrical gastroenterological, kidney-urinary, and immune system – WOW, right?!
  • Water is profoundly necessary for your body systems and mind to work efficiently,
  • Your hydration needs are affected by your exercise habits, the altitude at which you live, whether you are menstruating, and your personal system imbalances ( ie: slow digestion, toxicity, meds etc).

Exercise 1 hour a day for maximum health 

  • if you are not currently doing this, move up to it slowly to build your muscles and systems in a healthful way. Begin with 20 minutes every other day then move to 15 minutes daily, then 30 minutes every other day and them 20 minutes daily, until you make it to 60 minutes a day.
  • Choose an exercise regime that suits you, holds your interest, brings in fun.
  • Positive Benefits of Yoga -> reducing depressive symptoms, and inducing remission in mild to severe depression in depressive disorders – WOW! (Current Psychiatry Vol.8,No10,p39-47).

7 benefits of exercise:

  1. Controls weight,
  2. combats health conditions/diseases heart, cholesterol, breath capacity, strength, cognition,
  3. improves mood,
  4. boosts energy,
  5. promotes sleep,
  6. increases interest and capacity for sex,
  7. fun –> creativity, healthy competition, focus, endurance, social, widens interest.

Sleep 6-8 hours a day.  Sleep is the most powerful health promoter!

  • It balances your brain, blood, spirit, reduces pain and inflammation.  Don’t ignore it!

photoSleep is the great neutralizer and reformer.

Sleep plays an important role in learning and memory consolidation.

  • Sleep deprivation can result in memory loss and diminished fine motor and cognitive skills;
  • can impede response time in crisis situations and increase psycho-emotional problems.
  • Lack of sleep can increase pain experience.

Sleep 7-9 hours each night/get to sleep by 11pm.  School-age children need 9-10, Babies/Toddlers require 12-14 hours of sleep; Teenagers need 8-10 hours of sleep. For kids sleep debt can lead to an increase of restlessness, attentional, oppositionality issues

Sleep affects Cognition, learning, health, experience of pain & stress; it benefits your Spirit, Mind, and Body.

Consider the power of community, rejuvenation, and networking

Connecting, collaborating, networking, and groups offer a special kind of balance.  

collage inspirationFinding a space to belong, share struggles and get support increases your power in maintaining the balance in your life.

  • Studies show that women respond to stress with tend and befriend.
  • Connecting in ways that help with self growth and rejuvenation, work interests and social endeavors through focusing on learning or maintaining knowledge helps keep your mind healthy.
  • Focusing on groups that sustain your body like exercise groups or training or cooking and nutrition groups.
  • And connecting with spiritual outlets will keep you centered and grounded.

Some of this information is from an earlier InstinctiveHealthMedicine blog entitled  focusing on mindful living leads to spirit, mind, body health, July 24, 2013.

See how you can institute these shifts today, re-read all the articles to remain in balance.  i: Change your Attitude, II: Heal your soul, III:Balance your life.  Enjoy, enlighten, and inspire your self, and your life in every aspect of it,  Namaste., () in love and light, bg

back cover.me2weGineris, Beth. Turning NO to ON:  The Art of Parenting with Mindfulness, 2011; Turning ME to WE:  The Art of Partnering with Mindfulness, 2013.


Life Lessons in Relationships, Energy, and Color

Hello and Welcome

A lovely concept of how to shift negative emotions and actions is to focus on each chakra center and apply a system of inversion to the negative feeling housed there.

Begin by recognizing how you may be caught in a negative emotion or action that limits your access to balance, stunts your health, or interferes with your prosperity.

Each energy center –>chakra, corresponds to a negative energy state and the capacity for a positive blossoming energy shift. chakra_location_color

  • Here is a list of how these energies resonate
  • from negativity, imbalance/ to balanced, positive empowerment
  • –> beginning with the first chakra, red:  fear/action;
  • second chakra, orange: isolation/integration;
  • third chakra, yellow: low self-worth/non-judgment;
  • fourth chakra, green: hopelessness/unconditional love;
  • fifth chakra, blue:  negative speech (toward yourself [negative self-talk] or others)/positive speech, affirmations, and compassionate understanding;
  • sixth chakra, indigo:  depression/creativity;
  • and the seventh chakra, violet:  anger/acceptance.

To shift your perspective first discover which energy center appears to be out of balance then apply the positive empowering action to shift the negativity and create balance in that center.  Your first internal response will be a release, a lessening, a flexibility, and a sense of peace.  You will experience a deeper sense of strength and flexibility and an outer sense of lightness and peace.

You can also use the colors to help you resonate with the chakra energy centers.  Using meditation and breathwork breathe into the space in your body that is being stagnated or blocked with the corresponding color to help cleanse out the negativity and re-energize the center.

The spaces that correspond with the chakras begin at the base of your spine, then the area just two inches below your belly button, the third is your solar plexus, just under your ribs at the center of your body, the fourth energy center is on your breastbone between your breasts, the fifth is your throat, the sixth your third eye which is the space between your eyebrows and the seventh is at the top of your head in the center – your crown chakra.

Your first picture of yourself is from your interactions in your family, peers, and lovers.  This idea of reflection being the way in which you see your self is a longstanding tenant in sociology and psychology.

The concept of a mirror reflecting to you your personality and self picture is the earliest style of seeing your true nature.

A deeper style of connecting with self is to have a knowing from within that is separate from the concept of reflection in relationship.  This is related to your personal sensory guidance system.

Over my lifetime I have had the distinct honor of learning about chakra imbalance and balancing through my relationships.

  • When struggling with postpartum depression I learned the valuable lesson of taking action in response to fear…sometimes going toward the source of my fear, actually stepping into that which I was fearing to see through the mindset of fear, into the strength of empowered, responsive action.
  • In my lonely, isolated childhood I learned the power of integration which required dealing with my low-self-worth and the importance of pulling on my non-judgmental posture and a reframing of hopelessness to unconditional love.  These lessons have powered the long positive train of amazing, productive and fulfilling relationships in my life.
  • To shift into mindfulness I endeavored to continually shift my negative speech to positive speech reframing, inverting, and freeing every negative thought like butterflies and wildflowers; from this stance in the world compassion, inner truth and outer prosperity are my constant companions and experiences.
  • In my loneliest times, when I felt deeply bereft I turned to creativity, painting, sculpting, gardening, and writing to allow my grief to spill out and be replaced with strength, renewal, and joy.
  • And finally, that unpleasant and undignified friend anger – through my acceptance I experienced the power of my true self –> the reality of what was became the ground upon which I built a bigger, better, more beautiful Tao.

Discover your inner radiance and rainbow of energy.  Heal yourself through breath, color, and relationship by shifting negativity to prosperity through these active shifts in being and responding in your relationships and within yourself. Namaste, in love and light, bg.


Anti-oxidant living: Choose a path that brings you joy, in every interaction

Hello and Welcome.

Anger, fear, discouragement, and insecurity have oxidative properties to your spirit, mind and body.  When you choose a path that brings you strength, empowerment, joy, and confidence you are creating anti-oxidant properties that regenerate your cells, your thinking power, and your spiritual health.

This is a natural outcome of mindfulness and mindful meditation, focused breathwork, and heart or breath-led yoga practice.

I have a neighbor who cannot let go of any perceived injury.  She plots and plans to get back at any individual who in her mind has ‘injured’ her.  These perceived injuries feel very painful to her.  Her face carries the look of a person who has been in battle for many years; deep furrows between her brows as if in a perpetual frown, loose skin that has deep furrows around her mouth make her look as if she is angry when she is at rest.  Strangely, or perhaps understandably because she is always looking for injury, she has difficulty with any service professional who comes into her home… either she feels they are cheating her or they overcharge her or they do not correctly complete every job assigned.  This spills off onto the constant negative, fearful energy of her constantly, fearfully barking tiny dog who seems to be in a constant panic attack.  This woman actually has a great deal of prosperity in her life which she appears to not receive any comfort from.  She owns her home and another rental (of course her tenants are always taking advantage of her from her perspective), has a good job and a nice retirement pension coming her way…. yet she is not happy – she is rich in things but poor in her sense of wealth and her style of relating in the world.

This is an example of how the oxidative energy of vengefulness, anger, and dissatisfaction are wearing away at her wellbeing.  She cannot experience the comfort she actually has, and her face and body show the signs of advanced aging so that she looks older than her years.  Even when she chooses to smile the anger and dissatisfaction comes through.

This kind of energy so close to my own home can be destabilizing.  It can spill off onto my space and my interactions.  The first step in dealing with such a being is to remember that defensiveness ties you into the negative path, so use the verbal aikido methods of deflection of the tone and negative behavior, deflation of the negative energy, and then definition of how you desire to act regardless of her actions.  This is choosing the path that brings you joy

Regardless of another’s choice you are free to choose your own way.  If another indeed is harming you or injuring you with his or her actions, taking a step to set it right is good.  Do so with a lack of vengefulness or anger in your ideation, intention, and action.  This will keep your cells vibrant, your face and voice and heart glowing and bring prosperity to you.  This is healthy living and results in vibrant health in your spirit,mind, and body.

If you have been drawn in to a difficult relationship.  Give yourself a chance to re-choose and to set your intention on this joyful path.

You can always choose a different path, a different response.
Consider this if you are feeling discouraged with previous choices which turned out less than well…
When are able to act in this loving responsible way, even saying you’re sorry when you make a mistake and resetting your plan, you teach your children to be resilient, flexible and truly responsible… and you build your own inner resilience.

Choose this anti-oxidant style of living in every interaction and you will see the positive results in your health and wealth… you may even be able to turn back the hands of time in how you are aging.  Namaste, in love and light, bg


Focus your energy and breathe


As a therapist, my job is listening.

It  is a special kind of listening not the listening of a friend, or a mother who just wants to soothe.   Although I deeply care for those with whom I work, from a broader perspective listening has many facets.

It is a listening that requires rapid responses, redirection, and guidance offering a sense of calm.

The listening is active but not strained.  I’m present in the foreground in a neutral open way, while in the background my mind, heart, intuition, and senses are evaluating the information on some kind of inner grid; the person’s tonal quality, choice of words, and speech as well as the content of what was said and not said used to develop a multi-level understanding of the person and the problem at hand, in context.

I have developed a special kind of quiet speech, and stillness that becomes even more quiet and still in response to increased danger or lack of balance.  When working my voice has a soothing, relaxing quality that allows others to easily allow a trance state.

While in my personal interactions I may become agitated, in my therapeutic setting I seem to have the ability to drop my blood pressure and pulse in more dangerous circumstances, telegraphing a sense of calm composure.  In the same way an animal can smell fear I transmit a sense of security and peace to assist the person to return to a sense of calm balanced harmony.

This is something that I developed instinctively over a period of time when working in stressful, dangerous environments.  The calmer my demeanor the more likely the danger could be averted.

This tactic is directly related to the concept of energy and breath.

A fascinating phenomenon of activity and passivity in unison, which I believe is a the mechanism that allows others to feel better after being in my presence  and encourages them to return.

It is the sense of being seen and heard that allows the person to move forward to receive the necessary information and support from me.  This sense of visibility in a safe way is soothing and strengthening.

She experiences things already known by her as well as things unknown to her that have the quality  of truth or accuracy or deep familiarity.  In combination this increases a sense of security and strength.  And allows for a letting go of structures that no longer serve her and development of structures which do.

I have developed a way to transmit calm in stressful situations.  Practicing this skill will create an environment for harmony and I think it is what allows for the shifts in the people I see in my practice.

So it’s about paying attention and responding to the situation with a sense of calm neutral interest.  A serious and gentle way of guiding and supporting.

These are precisely the terms used to describe mindful mediation or mindfulness.  And it is through these actions that a person can reduce her anxiety or anxious behavior and feelings of obsessive compulsions.

So it is no wonder that the experience in therapy is soothing and strengthening.

But how to get that when you are not with your therapist.

It turns out the best thing to do is to imitate her in your response to yourself.

  • Smile, sit quietly, listen to yourself, your words, your tone, your word choice, what you say and what you hold back.
  • Listen and pay attention with a sense of calm neutral interest.
  • Appreciating the situation with a gentle seriousness.
  • To get to this kind of state the first thing to do is to focus your energy inward in a gentle, calm and interested way.
  • A gentle questioning: what is going on here, what do I feel, when did it begin, what relationships are present?
  • Then listening to the answer that presents itself with a neutral interest; no need to prove the rightness or wrongness of what is noticed.
  • Then Breathe.  Breathe again deeply and fully with a smile in between your exhalation and inhalation.  Allowing for your heart to open and listen too.
  • A feeling of Love and a connection to spirit help.

Feeling a warm caring and sense of spiritual connection allows me to move into my heart even when I have lost my way, by simply breathing, focusing my energy, smiling and being open  to the perfect answer to the situation presenting itself.

Allowing things to flow seems to be the most difficult.

If you have created success through your mind’s ability to discover the answer and prove it, you will find this allowing part difficult.  Remembering that pushing the river takes more energy and doesn’t get very far – go with the flow.

In general the best answers come to us, they appear or present themselves.  Yes perhaps as a result of study, and work on the problem but is usually after the problem is set to the back burner that the whole picture is revealed along with the solution.

So focusing your energy on the problem, setting a desire or intention, and then releasing it unto breath – breathing through the need to make it happen especially when it’s out of your control, that is the place of real strength and power.

Focus your energy and breathe, you will feel that inner sense of calm and a sense of inner balance.  From this place you will see solutions present themselves if you are paying attention to the information in the universe.

See you tomorrow,