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Sound Healing 2; feel the vibration, allow the shift, elevate your consciousness

Sound waves, ocean waves, and seismic waves are all called mechanical energy waves.  These have the ability to move through matter. Vibration and sound have the power to heal.

Sound is a powerful healer.

Consider the effect certain songs have on you. The effect of a song is not only related to your psychological connection to it in the development of your life, but also to the tone and harmony of it, and how it relates to your internal energetic systems.  Classical music and the Beatles have the ability to create a sense of balance, this is directly related to the healing power of sound.

This is the meditative and balancing power of chanting and toning. Healing Sound, Instinctive Health Medicine, 2.23.14

All the senses have a healing effect.  Sight, Taste, smells (scent), Touch and Sound are all powerful avenues to balance your physical body.  Each of these senses offers an avenue to connect Spirit, Mind, and Body.

Taste:  In Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, specific flavors positively align your body based on which elements are out of balance.  Bitter for Fire (Red): Heart/small Intestine channel (think discernment and a lack of joy or out of balance mania); Sweet for Earth (yellow-orange): Spleen/stomach channel disharmonies (think worry, pensiveness, depression); Pungent or Bland for Metal (white): Lung/large Intestine disharmonies ( think OCD, grief, lack of breath, difficulty with holding on or letting go; difficulty in choosing due to not knowing authentic self); Salty for Water (black): kidney/Bladder disharmonies ( think fear, phobias, stuck due to inability to choose best action due to fear, staying in harmful situation, deep insecurity due to life/death trauma); Sour for Wood (green): liver/gall bladder disharmonies (think anger, shame, rage, inability to forgive, hyper-vigilance).  These tastes help to bring into balance the interactive five element systems.  You can find more here:

Sight/Color: There are many ways you can use color to help in healing.  You may use colors in reference to food, as above.  There are specific mantras and chakra connections for specific colors.  See more here: .  Additionally focus on positive images, make an effort to dismiss and release negative images.  There are studies that show that humans (and other highly developed mammals, elephants, dogs, dolphins and whales, and chimpanzees, gorillas, and monkeys) have mirror neurons.  These mirror neurons are in our brains and affect how we choose to be in the world; what we see affects our perceptions at an integral level.  So the more you can see positive, interactive, high level consciousness behavior the more you will actualize this kind of civilization.  More about this in future posts.

Smell/scent is a powerful healing tool as well.  Consider that the most powerful sense is smell for memory and recognition.  Partners often find the scent of their partner to be the most appealing aspect of their connection. Babies know their mother by her scent.  The brain connection for your olfactory sense is directly connected to your limbic system which underscores the visceral aspect of this sense.  I use Do-terra oils in my practice to cleanse and release unwanted or unneeded negative beliefs held in the auric field.  Here are a few suggestions: .

Touch/the feeling sensation has been studied for many years.  Healing touch is one of the most powerful healing tools.  This is related to both the psychological experience of not being alone and the desire for humans to feel connected, (one of the primary softwire drivers in the human brain system, as supported by the importance of mirror neurons and how they drive the development of empathy), and to the physical system of your muscles.  Along your skin and within the muscle is a set of nerves they are constantly informing your brain about situations as safe or not and what is happening to the body, so that your brain can take an action.  These systems fire when there is discomfort or an injury.  They turn off or return to a lower setting when the area that is firing is touched…consider the immediate tendency to touch your finger (knee, hip. shoulder etc) when you bump or hit it.  Or how this action calms a child when s/he is injured…indeed that is a perfect example of the healing power of touch.  Resetting a system that has ben firing for years is the work involved in the treatment of myofacial trigger points, fibromyalgia and post traumatic stress disorder. Massage, acupuncture, and Reiki all utilize methods to reset the body through touch.

So let’s talk about sound.  Sound is a powerful healing tool.  

If sound waves are mechanical energy waves that can move through matter, then it clarifies how sound can clear out and heal blockages in your chakras, your physical body, and your emotional and auric fields.

Sound in conjunction with color, scents, and mindful meditation to clarify your thinking work together very efficiently.  I have found that the longer a block has been manifesting in your body the more difficult it is to release it.  Children respond very quickly to resetting through sound and smell.  When you combine tools you have a more efficient and less drastic release, almost as if the negativity simply peels off and is transformed.

There are specific sounds for each chakra:

chakranoteswebc,d,e,f,g,a,b are the notes for the seven chakras typically identified.  The toning bowls that sound at each of these notes can assist in healing these specific chakras.

In addition, my Kototama teacher, dr. Jeffrey Meyer, taught me that chanting the vowels: eh, ee, ah, O, oo in a repeated fashion with one breath can align the various chakras through aligning the five elements in your visceral and etheric system.

You can listen to a small scale of this chanting here: Healing Sound.

When you are feeling out of balance you can use this technique to center yourself and align your physical and spiritual self.  You may notice certain sounds are easier, stronger, or more difficult this gives you an idea of where you may be out of balance.  As you develop an understanding of the connection between the sounds and the elements, you may utilize this connection and sound to heal yourself.

Even without this level of awareness you can feel yourself strengthening and balancing by repeating the sequence with your breath until you feel the shift and rebalancing.  Listen again to the above link, you may notice the difference in strength and alignment from the first to the third toning in the above audio link.

There are crystal bowls for c#, d#, f#, g# and b#.

chakrasnotesastrologyThere is evidence that new  energy centers are developing within our chakra system that correspond with these sharp notes.  These can assist you in developing your capacity for breath, the diaphragm chakra (d#) or  in opening the thymus or higher heart chakra (f#) which can assist with increased immunity, as well as the Zeal point or Mouth of God chakra at the base of the occiput,( g#), which assists with compassion and telepathy, a deeper connection with spirit and the universe.  I have not investigated the evidence about the relationships between these centers and astrology, but this figure offers a sense of the new chakra configuration and sounds.  I have been using the e, f#, and g# in my practice and find these sounds to be profoundly healing.

Here is a link to all the newly developing chakras and sounds, crystal singing bowls.

chakra mantrasAs you are developing your understanding of these bowls, chakras and sounds, you may also want to address blockages in your thinking or beliefs.

Work with the first set of chakras first, root, sacral, and solar plexus as these will help to keep you grounded as you move into higher energetic realms.  You can use color to amplify the strength of these chakras.  Meditation on the chakra will enhance your clarity about what you need and how well balanced you are.

You may want to work with these blockages by simply using cognitive inversions, reframing the difficulties into gifts and aligning with the power of gratitude, compassion, and forgiveness.

Acupuncture, energy work, therapy, journaling, yoga and breathwork are all helpful in realigning with your true power and integrated self.

Yoga is an excellent source of support, because it utilizes breath attention, and intention in an integrated way to align your spirit, mind and body. Through Yoga you are increasing the amount of light you are pulling into your energetic system.  It helps to lengthen your spine so that you can actually hold more light.

Recognize that you have the power to heal within in you simply through accessing your internal sensory guidance system.  You are a sensory, spirit being.  Develop and exercise your muscle of attention and intention this will strengthen your intuition and you access to health immediately.

You can heal through these methods and develop your own model of resetting your balance through them.  See more here: .

Breath, toning and sound, clarification of your intent, all, will create an opportunity for you to elevate your consciousness.  Embrace the power to heal within yourself and clear the path to a new level of consciousness in thought and action. in love and light, bg

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