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How to remove your invisibility cloak..

Every now and then it’s good to check your behavior to see if you have developed a habit of making yourself small, or invisible, to not offend those around you.

This happens as a survival technique.  You see it in humans who find themselves homeless, rescue animals, children from hostile environments and empaths, or sensitives. These beings work at staying invisible to avoid attack.  They live on the edges of the world.

removing your invisibility cloakFor those of you who are sensitive or empathic the experience of moving into being seen can be challenging.  It requires standing confident in what you know, without attack and learning to use  a style of Verbal Aikido  to not feel the injuries thrown your way.

Certainly the use of the Four Agreements as you develop your multilevel communication are helpful in maintaining a sense of balance as you step into your full self and remove your invisibility cloak.

The process of truncating your personality takes time.  It begins early in your life, before you actually get the chance to be Big.

It is as an involuntary action, like holding up your hand to your face as protection when you see something coming at you.  It’s an involuntary, protective action.  For empaths it happens early in life.

What may surround the cloak is a feeling of vigilance, a sense of smallness or lack of protection, and pressure to not take up much space.

You can hear it in your voice: ending sentences in an upward lilt, not speaking your truth, giving in and a turn away from conflict.

Usually it works so well that after the first time it gets ingrained into your personality, your behavior habits, your social interactions, until after awhile, maybe a year or more it is your only way to act.  You may know the answer but you only tentatively offer your argument, submissively offering that you may be right, even when inside you know that 2 plus 2 is 4, or in the Buddhist tradition 2+2=1 – you say it cautiously barely taking a stand.

You know you have this invisible cloak style of relating

  • if you often feel you are not listened to or not heard.  You may expereince others actually walking right over you in speech and conversation.  You may feel yourself slightly bowed internally as if protecting your heart and solar plexus.
  • And you have a strong pressure to keep your focus on the other:
  • how to help the other, how to make the other happy, what needs the other has, how to make your self useful, agreeable,non-threatening.

To a small degree this is part of life.  Integrating with the social group, give and take, empathy, and compassion, seeing another’s point of view.

When it becomes pathological is when you are unable to actually stand up for yourself.  You feel anxious, your heart pounding if you are to state your opinion and you feel deeply injured when others do not hear or listen to you.

As a person begins to shift away from being small, the cloak interferes. You may feel conflicted as you stand up for yourself.  You may feel easily injured when others do not hear you or see you. You may be so sensitive to other’s feelings that you don’t communicate what you are feeling, or you don’t act to create your own life, in order to make the other person not feel hurt or offense.

And when you do start to speak your truth, you may notice that those around you will work to put you back into the small place in which you have been living.

If you are wearing an invisibility cloak you may want to use the MAAPS  program to see which of the insecurity drivers, Money, Attachment, Achievement, Power, or Structure,  are in play.

As you attempt to act from a more honest, confident, grounded, and WHOLE BEING space, you may find that you are inarticulate in how you identify yourself and how you stand up for yourself in relationship.  This is normal.  The path to removing your invisibility cloak is to re-member all your parts.  To bring together, in a more empowered and confident way, your integrated self.

You have to allow yourself the road of mistakes in how you speak up, how you communicate your truth and knowing, and you have to tolerate that others will be offended, angry and unhappy with your shifting and growth.

It is a delicate dance to learn a new way of standing visible in the world, in your community.Haindl_Star

This will be especially difficult for empaths and sensitives who are making an effort to create a consciousness change in the fabric of the universe.  Being challenged to be kind, while identifying problems in relationships and being challenged to confront the long held duality consciousness that disallows the elevation of consciousness..  You will feel challenged to be always kind and to be the bigger person which often results in you actually making yourself small.

Every now and then it’s good to check your behavior to see if you have developed a habit of making yourself small, or invisible, to not offend those around you.

If you discover you have an invisibility cloak use the above steps to take it off and practice visibility.  Allow yourself to tolerate others not liking you, stay connected to source.  As you are able to tolerate others not liking you, you will also notice that you can tolerate this attack and feel more aligned with the whole truth.

Gather support from the natural environment.

internal guidance systemMeditate, create art, work in the garden, exercise, walk through nature, in reconnecting with the tapestry of life you can see the support there as you offer shift in consciousness to your human community.

Shed your skin, Trust your heart-centered, inner guidance IV system.  Live your life fully and allow your full, big self to be present in the tapestry of life.  You may experience a new Alignment within you, around you and between you and source. in love and light, bg

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