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We are all interconnected, change your environment: change the world

This is a facebook post from William Khaziri of Bliss River.  bliss river primal wisdom

He and David Khaziri are two truly amazing beings who have taken it upon themselves to offer to anyone interested in listening, ways to uplevel consciousness.

All the podcasts are available for download.

This is mine.

“Hey everyone, this is Will from Bliss River wanting to let everyone who has liked this page and or who knows Dr. Beth to please listen to our enlivening and powerful Podcast. Dr. Beth as you all probably know has more than just a wealth of knowledge but her character and profound intuitive wisdom teaches us effective ways that we can change for the better immediately. For example, she taught us about Cranial Sacral Therapy on the Podcast and I took action and got a treatment done with amazing results. My Vippasana meditation practice has also been dramatically improved through her teaching us the basics of meditation over the Podcast. It has been an honor Dr. Beth and please, if I may ask that everyone who enjoys the Podcast please review our iTunes page so that her message maybe recognized more by Apple through increased reviews and then found by more people on the main iTunes Podcast homepage.

I invite you to listen to these for your own edification and consciousness elevation.

Connecting with these men at Bliss River has reignited my faith in the global community.  I hope you find it equally as exciting and supportive about how we are all connected and if we focus on changing our environment we can create a ribbon of change in the larger community or even the consciousness of the planet.  Very love and light, bg

And as always, Remember you have a better chance of getting where you want to go if you have a map…in love and light, many blessings, bg

You can find out more at  Beth’s upcoming book, 6 steps to transcending conflict and elevating consciousness, due out in 2014 offers special techniques for releasing unresolved injuries…and the elevation of consciousness.

You may participate in seminars to learn these techniques through the bethgineris website. Beth’s groundbreaking book Turning Me to WE: The Art of Partnering with Mindfulness(2013), has some great tools about Temperament style and your personal style of partnering, as well as the insecurity Drivers MAAPS.front cover.me2we  Discover where you are in the Temperament and  the MAAPS section.  You can see how you see the world, and whether you have an attachment that is creating problems in your relationships.  MAAPS will help you to discern your insecurities and understand how and what underlies how you developed your insecurity driver (Money,  Achievement,  Attachment, Power,  Structure).

You can find ways to simply connect to yourself in a loving forgiving way through theTurning No to ON: The Art of Parenting with Mindfulness Book (2011). beth's book No to ONIf you want to change your life, see how you can bring mindfulness to your parenting and relationships.

One being at a time you can elevate the way in which you treat one another and elevate the consciousness on the planet so that equality, balance, and freedom BEcome the norm for all.  in love and light, bg