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I pressed my nose against the window of his life

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Today I’m going to share a poem I found in an old book, that I wrote a long time ago.  

No matter how hard we try to ignore it 

There are people who are special. 

The light always turns green 

Just as they step to the edge of the curb. 

He was one of them. 


When I first met him 

I pressed my nose against the window of his life, 

With the fear, curiosity and interest 

Of a five year old. 

It was the safest scared I’d ever been. 

And then, he let me in. 


It’s not to say that there are those among us who are totally exempt. 

But there are a few….only a few 

Who display great courage and style. 

They break away and enhance their lives. 

They are people with imaginations that multiply 

Like rabbits. 

And, no matter how hard we try to ignore it, 

There are those among us who are special. 

He was one of them.                  …….bgineris. 


The thing that’s cool about poetry is that it plays on how we develop images in our brain to match what we’re reading.  

Figure and ground, values and valence, psyche and reality all play into the interpretation of the poem as we read it. 

A successful poem, like any successful communication has to be able to hit the figure and the ground of a thing such that others can come away affected or connected. 

Try writing a poem about something that matters to you and see what you find is the figure and the ground of you and that thing.  It’ll be fun.  

I have a friend who writes what seems to be a limerick a day – and he’s pretty good at moving between figure and ground when he needs to in communication.  

It’s like exercise for your brain.  🙂 

See you tomorrow 


Author: instinctivehealthparenting4u

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One thought on “I pressed my nose against the window of his life

  1. Beautiful poem, Beth. You already have a couple of my best ones.

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