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Your way home is through…your inner light will guide you

“the conflict between the anti-american attitude of the far left of  the sixties and the beliefs of the first generation immigrants who choose America and the belief in the opportunity to chart my own course….”  Dinesh D’souza

The issues are complex.  The dialogue is so seductive.  It belies the complexity of the issues.

the power of propaganda

This is a photo lauded on facebook recently – I know they want to make a difference and change what they perceive as negative in government and the powers that be…

However, passing this photo off as truth is actually how propaganda works.

It pulls the reader who accepts it whole, into acting toward other people, a group of people who don’t precisely agree with them, in the exact ways they condemn…

This is a crisis in our global community right now…this linear, third dimensional thinking wrapped up in the rhetoric of consciousness, social activism, and the rhetoric of the sixties.  The seductive quality of the rhetoric uses all the tricks that belie logic, straw man arguments, non-sequiturs…

The comments written within the photo don’t hold up to critical thinking.  In order to address the problems facing the global community integrated mindful investigation of the problems facing us is necessary.  We need to uplevel our consciousness, include opposing views, paradigm shift, and integrate to solve these problems.

Arguing for the opposite of what is keeps us on the same linear third dimensional curve.

This is the problem with positive rights.  This is the reason for a constitution of negative rights.  Negative rights protect they press the reader to use critical thinking, to stand in the center of his/her integrated self and create from an internal locus of control the world that supports all beings.  Positive rights simply change the name and status of victim or persecutor.

  • How could you not believe in equal rights for gays, to love whom they love freely and without harassment?  It is good to allow freedom.  It is not good to force it by persecuting another group or person.
  • How could you not believe in a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body?  Yes women should be free to choose how to maintain their bodies and care for their physical vehicles…they should not be forced to have sexual relationships or to not have them.  The issue of pregnancy is complicated because the women and child share the same physical vehicle for that brief 10 month period. Pretending that the being growing inside a woman is something other than another human being belies the reality and diminishes intelligence.  Anyone who has been pregnant knows the child is real at the start, a growing human being.
  • The same people who fight for abortion also fight for protecting animal infants…so how is this?  Because of the trick of linguistics…the human growing inside the woman is renamed fetus — as if this being has no connection to the baby that might later be born.  The answer is to support protect and care for the women, human babies AND animals, and animal babies AND the environment…it isn’t an either/or. The seductive propaganda has more caring for animal and plant life than human…Intelligence dictates that all life be valued.  Just as animals should not be raised for consumption as if they have no sentience, humans babies growing inside a woman’s body should not be treated as if they have no sentience.
  • How could you not agree with the issues of protecting the earth, recycling, allowing people to set up a household in our country that are seeking asylum?  Yep, yep, yep, all important things, and all should be dealt with at the same level of honor.

So valuable…where have the words of Kennedy, and Martin Luther King gone…what has happened to them, twisting them around to support violence and harm against others to take from the government rather than to serve one’s country…twisted it into fighting for imprisonment but using their words —

aldous huxley quote




The thing that we have is our capacity to connect through mindfulness.   It is telling that the group who once used to ‘question authority’ have become the group controlling what and how someone thinks.  This shows the lack of balance and the degree of incongruence.

From my perspective, this shift in focus in the liberal agenda and propaganda, proves Freud’s theory, that if you don’t work through your issues you will become the person(s) you hate, and you won’t be able to see it in yourself…We have to elevate consciousness not stifle it.

From a consciousness perspective we are developing as two worlds.  One world is arguing points from a 3rd dimensional plane — pushing for rights, but forgetting about responsibilities..these individuals for the most part have their hearts soundly in the right place — they want to change what isn’t working or what seems to be avarice, consumerism, and divisiveness…yet they are not using their critical thinking to think outside the crowd mentality, outside the mob mentality of right/might over wrong.  This has some of the language of the evolving interconnected elevated consciousness but none of the energy.  The mobs killing to make others listen, no matter how important you think your message is – you destroy your credibility through your behavior.

The other consciousness that is evolving is that of one global world, completely interconnected– all human cultures with animals, plants, and the earth…this consciousness is not on the path of 3rd dimension good/bad, right/wrong, but rather on the path of discernment, wholeness, and collaboration.  It is in the tessellation space where we are in agreement and built on that. It is compassionate, loving, and embracing collaboration.

It is on another plane from the right /wrong, 3rd dimensional space.

The challenge to everyone of us is to respond to our environment with compassion.  Thinking you are right, and acting from this righteous place creates defensiveness in the other person.   Finding your inner knowing and making honest efforts to connect that inner knowing with another’s inner knowing that creates love, care, connection, and peace.

The elevation of consciousness begins within you, within me, within our children.  And we cannot create the space for that when we treat others without compassion; when we treat others as if we are superior in our ideology. Compassion open the door for understanding and negotiation and finally a place where agreement is.

….the way home is through..first within yourself — addressing the complicated incongruent beliefs and behaviors you have and finding a level of congruence in your thinking and actions.  Then next within your family systems.  Then within your friendships and work.  And finally in how you choose your government and what policies you encourage.  

It is a shift away from the power of alpha and popularity mentality toward REAL integrity, and value – from this space you can act in a way that is congruent with this elevation of consciousness.  

It’s tricky to stand in the center of your beliefs with your actions and be ready to be disapproved of, dropped off your social network groups because you are not in agreement with the group… and STILL remain loving, compassionate and strive for connection…that IS the elevation of consciousness, to move the group acceptance and drive for power into the workhorse role rather than the leadership role and have your Heart, true internal sensory guidance, and spiritual knowing be your leading guide.  

In this season of light let it be so…allow your light to shine and be a being of love and light.  The continuation of the planet depends on your capacity to heal yourself, heal your relationships, and live consciously from this space. Shalom, Namaste, Blessings, in love and light, bg

And as always, Remember you have a better chance of getting where you want to go if you have a map…in love and light, many blessings, bg

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teaching empathy through mindfulness, resetting normal and the 9/11 memorial

Humans are softwired for sociability, attachment, affection, companionship, there is a drive to belong…through mirror neurons in the human brain.  This is how humans learn how to relate to one another.

It appears that this is also something observed or understood to be part of the dolphin, dog, elephant, and primate brains too. If you ever watched, Chimpanzee by Disney (2012) you observed this phenomenon in action as you followed Oscar’s development in his chimpanzee community.  In this film there were outside group’s attacks that landed Oscar an orphan…none of the other females would take him in…finally he started to follow around the alpha male who ultimately took him under his care and showed him how to live in the society…the act of the highest member of the group caretaking over the lowest status member of the group was unheard and unseen in previous observations of chimpanzees over the last forty years.

This change in behavior gives me a sense of possibility for consciousness elevation for the human species.  If humans can respond to stress without aggression toward each other, without in-group and out-group fighting, the planet and the species that populate it might have a chance.

This is a big IF, so far with our big brains we have just figured out how to manipulate others rather than actually uplevel…but there have been a few who understood the importance of turning the other cheek, rising above, seeing self in other…the larger than life main characters in some of the spiritual stories like Buddha, Sri Krishna, and Jesus…and there have been human leaders, male, Sitting Bull, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Mandela, the Dalai Lama and female, Eva Peron, Augn San Suu Kyi, Malala Yousafzai, Betty Williams, and Mother Theresa.

Today I watched the 9/11 memorial museum opening speeches, and what struck me was the focus from the speakers on how we are all connected and how it was that  idea that drove the many heroic actions that saved many lives on the tragic day o f september 11, 2001.  That message is the kind of message that rights and resets a course that is spinning off.  It could positively affect the population of the world.  In order to rise above aggression, connection and  collaboration are required.  It is necessary for the attacked to discern a way to respond that does not escalate a situation. This is active not passive.

There is a quote that states, you cannot simultaneously prepare for war and peace at the same time.  This relates to the mindset required for each as being very different.

How to respond to attack is the most important aspect in a fight.  When the parties are in sync with each other and connected, the attackee need not be defensive but rather work to discern the underlying cause of the attack and seek to right that issue. Thereby the fight can be deflected, deflated and redefined.

When the parties are not in sync with each other how the attackee responds is of the utmost importance.  This requires a mindful, multidimensional response.  It is in this arena that governments get stymied, they must defend while working toward peace…which is a difficult process. Still it is important to remember those mirror neurons, to remember that humans are all of the same species and it is the cultural differences which separate humans from each other creating in-groups and out-groups.  Drilling down to discern where and how the groups are related is the key, to focus on connection and reset relationships from this space.

If the focus of the government was to teach mindful meditation, to focus on increasing critical thinking, to encourage debate of the difficult issues without hatefulness, to support spiritual practices especially those that are inclusive, to align with the underdog without divisively turning against the overdog…then a real shift in temperament and consciousness would follow.  There would be an eruption of empathy, connection, kindness, and collaboration.

The following video sets up a way of seeing the human species as all connected to one another and humans intimately connected to other species and the natural planet.  It allows for a conversation to raise the consciousness of the planet.

 The empathic civilization

Since these mirror neurons are in you and your peers, your children, and your enemies, you can begin today to reset how you are responding to difficult situations.  This matters to those who matter to you and for those with whom you have influence.  Just do it. Practice mindfulness, meditation, and verbal aikido, (11.28.12 blog).  Be willing to discover what is underneath the defensiveness, anger and attack.  Look for a way to connect and practice peace-building to reset normal, reset your level of consciousness and elevate the  consciousness of your community. May you find peace in your lifetime Namaste, Shalom, in love and light, bg

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