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Living in the Light…be a rebel

merkabah portalLiving in the Light is more than being positive.

Living in the Light is knowing that you are loved, knowing that you are protected, knowing that you are in sync with your higher self and higher power goals.

The power to change your world, and by transitive property the world around you, is in your mindset.  Your perception of yourself at the center of your world.  This is not a narcissistic centeredness, it is a grounded and upleveled understanding that what you experience as truth is what you see.

So if you experience as truth the world is against you and you are a victim, this will be what you identify in all your interactions and therefore, what you will reinforce as truth.  You will enhance the energy of lack and being invisible or unappreciated.

However, if you stand in the center of your life, and expect good things to be your experience you will observe miracles all around you.  This requires a willingness to eschew fear, ‘what if’, ‘if only’, and anxiety as your experience of the world.  It requires an unbounded  willingness to see how the world is working on your behalf and have faith in the spiritually upleveled aspects of the world around you.  This requires compassion, lovingkindness, and a focus on connection rather than competition.  So, when you hear hatefulness spewing from another rather than reacting in hatefulness, you send to that person love and compassion; you allow yourself to hear the pain, fear, or misunderstanding underneath that hate so that you can assist in his or her elevation by simply responding with love and compassion.  Remember, a fight can only continue when you punch back.  If you do not engage in the fight with reactive hatred or anger, you open the space for understanding, peace, forgiveness and light to enter.

In the animal world, the alpha male and alpha female exert power over the group through competition for limited resources.  Often physical strength and creation of alignments push out others and create a space where the alpha exerts control.  Today we simultaneously label this bullying and reinforce it with the according of power — this mixed message of  it being labeled bad when a little boy or girl is mean but give power to the winner of a very negative political race — makes it so that the societal message is that playing dirty, winning at all costs and bullying is wholly and completely acceptable in fact honored, so that living in the light is actually going against the norm in this current alpha society.

Our political world has used this style of power to control how the population makes decisions about who is to be in power – using whether something is ‘cool’ as a standard of what to follow.  The political world, the publicist, the hollywood environment, uses this to market the buying population and focuses on pre-teens, teenagers, young adults, and those who want to be perceived as hip like these youngsters to control power positions, and make money, even controlling the population to make decisions that are not in their individual best interests.  Even the world of spirit, and spiritual health has been overrun with this idea of cool, propaganda for profit.  Unfortunately this has made it so there are many groups that use this combination of alpha group power and spiritual upleveling in cohesion so that it is cool to be part of some religions but not others rather than encouraging an overall elevation of spiritual interaction and action on the planet.  You can see this in how the political arena tries to scapegoat and denigrate certain people for their religious beliefs and uplevel others that will increase their level of cool.

Living in the light is applying a standard of true spirituality, sincere faithful attention with compassion and lovingkindness toward all beings, as each struggles to find his or her place in the world.  So that an enlightened approach, to those who see the world differently from yourself, is to have a willingness to understand their paradigm and then look for ways that you and she agree, so that a true and real conversation can be had rather than a power struggle for power in the marketplace.

Love is the great balancer and neutralizer.  Lovingkindness and compassion allow you to live in the light in your approach to all human beings, animals, and plants.  It is through this method that the earth shall survive.  It is though this method that balance can be reset in the natural earth, because it is the beta mentality that is what is needed for the global society and earth balance to happen.  The Beta and the Omega look to balance the Alpha, but our political environment has gone too far with the alpha power structure.  This hierarchical style cannot contain the global needs of the earth.  The beta-mentality looks for connections, is inclusive and accepting.  The omega-mentality is playful, diffuses negativity, and creates an environment for letting off steam without reprisal.  The alpha-mentality is most useful in third-dimensional thinking of right/wrong, good/bad, and limited resources, when there is danger from without and there is a need for absolute power, however the dependence on this style of leading, solely, has allowed for oppression, divisiveness, out-grouping, and propaganda to the detriment of global societies.  This is not to say that the way forward is through the social-democratic, progressive beliefs of socialism or an over-dependence on governments,  Unfortunately these policies enhance the use of propaganda and alpha-style mentality; they create a different style of hierarchy, not centered in the light or spirit.  Rather than increase the use of true cohesiveness, connectedness, and mindfulness they diminish even further the importance of elevating all and create a different societal structure that will ultimately create an even smaller degree of peace.

Much of my writing is about paradigm shifting and mindfulness as a way of dealing with not only individual, but also small group and large group interactions.  These ideas are infused in many religions, many philosophies both east and west and many successful groups.  Not one belief system holds the patent on the idea of mindfulness; it part of Taoist, Judeo-Christian, Hindu, Native American and many other religious and philosophical tenets.

To live in the light is to be continually bringing yourself back to neutral and to discover within yourself a positive bent in all that you do so that you are actually shining light onto others and yourself to bring in the beta-mentality of connection and uplevel capacity of the whole group.

Be a rebel.  Make a decision today to lighten your perspective,

  • move into the light in all our perceptions
  • eschew competition, fear, limitations, and division,
  • look beneath the powerful emotional arguments of the propaganda and publicity around you, look at what is considered cool, and see if it fits with what actutally uplevels your world, and the society at large
  • look for, and allow yourself to see, the underlying goal, of the denigration of specific groups, to acqurie political power
  • use mindfulness, lovingkindness, compassion and the beta or omega mentality in all of your interactions

In this way you will create peace within yourself and experience connection and understanding in your world.  Love is the answer.  Love is the way.

in love and light, namaste, bg

front cover.me2we

Gineris, Beth. Turning NO to ON:  The Art of Parenting with Mindfulness, 2011; Turning ME to WE:  The Art of Partnering with Mindfulness, 2013.

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Living in the Light

Hello and Welcome!

…..if the universe responds with creating the things where you put your attention then is it better to point out what is wrong in the world or to point out what is right?

Is it Pollyanna to attend only to the positive?  the light?…..

The challenge is that you are spirit-humans, anchored to the third dimensional earth plane with duality and limited time, AND corded to the unlimited quality of instant creation through attention, intention, thought, word, and action.  Standing one foot in each zone….or plane…. or dimension…

….identifying what needs changing is necessary, it clarifies;

…holding the attention and tending to what you want and seeing that completed, changed, and present in the now is essential for living in the light and upleveling consciousness.

These are challenging, interesting, beautiful times… embrace each perfect moment and link these together to see your world perfectly enlightened.

As I encourage the upleveling of  consciousness, I ponder the concept of duality and unity.  How might shifting from duality to unity appear or present itself in my everyday world and environment.  What might I experience within myself?  How might I look, sound, and be? What might I reflect?

Duality feels right/ wrong, good/bad, or light versus dark separating out along continua of opposites.  Unity feels all encompassing, embracing, holistic, and inclusive; whorls or inclusive wholes.

When I align with the strength of living in the light, my presence is joyful, happy, and offers the aura of fulfillment.  I radiate  a sense of peace.  I observe others drawn to me and the light opening hearts to increase internal joy.

Living in the light and shining in this way brings to me even more of that enlightened power and inner strength.

What I notice is that this is simple and easy, like breathing when all is peaceful and light around me.  When I am faced with a fear-promoting situation, negativity or an experience of attack from without my capacity to remain in the light is challenged.

I reactively shift into the habit of vigilance, thinking, analysis, defense as a protective response.  But when I lower my energy to that of mind alone I feel myself isolated and disconnected – fear immediately surrounds me…lowering, my vibration.  This disconnection and heaviness feels deficient of light.

When I am living in the light and responding with my internal sensory guidance system I immediately notice the shift and can apply my mindful focus on how I have changed and what preceded the shift to address what has triggered my defensive reaction.  Once aware of the event I can reset my place in the light.

This issue of duality feels like a software upload, in order to shift into unity the software in my thinking and action relationship has to be updated to include mindfulness.  So even writing about my experience of moving from duality to unity is dualistic… from negativity to positivity.

Utilizing the element of fear or judgment to encourage the upleveling of consciousness is a mistaken action.  It pulls on the precise element of duality that you are trying to uplevel, and so creates a type of wobble in your consciousness.

Being joyful, secure, inviting and compassionate uses the action of love to encourage enlightenment.

Gandhi said:  Be the change you wish to see in the world.  He was encouraging embracing the responsibility for change personally in order to shift the culture or environment one being at a time.

Stephen Covey: Wrote (in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) that in order to create change in your own relationships you should change have to be… so that what you wanted to have in your relationship you needed to be in your interacting style, first.

I realize that if I want to encourage living in the light I need to live in the light and telegraph that light through all my senses so that simply being in my presence another might feel the light and shift within him or her self.

In order for the consciousness of beings on the planet to change those leading the way must change have to be, and be the change of enlightenment.

Living in the light is living in compassion, lovingkindness, and forgiveness, with the attitude of gratitude.  Shifting perspective to see the positive in the darkest places to bring light to each; to see the flow between and the whorl of both together so that my and your experience of light can shift consciousness to make mindful, collaborative, connecting healing choices.

Practice these steps to get into, remain, and live in the light of compassion, mindfulness, lovingkindness, forgiveness, and grace:

let your light shine

  • wake each day with a focus on what is working in your world, and what you desire to experience
  • change have to be: act in the way you desire others to be, and stand in the center of that action with integrity, and truth
  • Feel, see, visualize, and be grateful for how your desires are present in the now
  • use Verbal aikido  to deflect, deflate, and define (reset or redefine) negativity and experience of duality into unity.
  • remove fight from your vocabulary, release defensiveness; replace fight and defense with an earnest interest in understanding, clarity, and collaboration
  • seek connection, listen to your sensory guidance system, embrace flow

These six steps will return you to balance, increase your awareness, understanding, compassion and experience of unity, and allow the immediate and rejuvenating uplevel of consciousness your soul desires.  Change your attitude, Heal your Soul, Balance your Life. In love and light, bg