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the power of soul work

I have had the great fortune of meeting my life’s love a second time in this lifestream. Strangely it is more painful than I expected. It has created a sense of chaos and opportunity that causes all other challenges to pale in comparison.
My beloved friend died in a car accident years ago. And I have had the great good fortune of meeting him again in a new vehicle: a new face, a new body, a new personality, a new self…yet in those eyes I see my beloved, in those hands I feel my beloved, in the lightest of movements, and behavior I hear and see his soul’s energetic fabric.
For me this is the proof of soul connections…of the idea of multidimensional space…of spirit incarnate.

To have this experience is extraordinary.

To speak of it is challenging.

There are few who truly believe and accept this phenomenon. It is described in ancient, sacred texts, talked about by psychic mediums, and written about by current day screenwriters. But it isn’t accepted by critical thinkers.  Edgar Cayce and Brian Weiss have described this phenomenon, and they have offered examples and writings to bring the information forward.

For years, I have been able to read for others, offering insight into behaviors, intuitive psychic information about the future and the past and how it applies to the now; I have seen other’s past lifes and offered these to help in their spiritual and psycho-emotional growth …but this personal experience is so much more profound.  Doors open in my consciousness as a result of this experience. The biggest challenge is how to remain at the soul level and how to remain tender, true, and kind to not only the soul connection but also the 3rd dimensional self.  It requires grace to incorporate it into my real three dimensional life.

The laws of the soul that transcends dimensions, that travels across timelines, are profoundly different from the laws of third dimensional physicality and morality. When walking your soul path along with your 3rd dimensional self you must be able to honor both sets of laws. In third dimension, there is life and death, black and white, even with the understanding in physics that all is in movement by observing atoms… the experience of a wall is still solid. To walk along the soul path, one must hold these limitations while opening your consciousness to the limitless experience of the soul.

The books offered by Edgar Cayce and Brian Weiss offer a pathway through this unchartered water.

It seems the one with the memories has quite a bit of consciousness juggling to do because the memories are so powerful; But at least there is a full knowing.  The soul who has forgotten or cannot express the knowing in an intelligible way, even to himself, has intense emotion without fabric.  It is painful.

There is an elevation of consciousness that is overtaking the planet.  The focus at times is chaotic.  People can feel the change, but are unable to identify the thread of how the elevation can make a difference.  The increase in seeing our connection to each other across nations is taking hold.

Along with this elevation, there is a deeper understanding of soul life; this soul work opens the opportunity for increased compassion; the importance of treating each person as if they are part of your soul family.  A brother or sister or lover from another spacetime, increases the true sense of connection and need for tenderness in response.

I am deeply grateful to have elevated my sense about the true interconnections not only across species and with the earth as a sentient entity, but also across time and space.  It is the unified field theory from the inside out. I hope this experience offers support to any of you who are beginning to see/feel/know information that transcends time and space. in love and light, bg