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Intuition, Premonition, and Precognition – perception in time and mindfulness

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This blog of January 31, 2011 has had the most hits on my site. So I wanted to update followers (and those who find themselves viewing this blog) on what has been transpiring over the last 6 months.
A quote from the bog: My last three premonition events share a very specific physical experience that occurs directly in my brain and perceptual field. It is as if part of my brain is not under my control, akin to how a muscle feels when it has fallen asleep and is beginning to get blood back to it – heavy, fuzzy and outside normal control. It is difficult to describe the feeling, but it has a quality of an intense dizziness and slight disorientation, unable to stand up and I experience my head being heavy and pulled to the ground. There is no precipitating event to explain the phenomenon. It lasts from several minutes to several hours; my pulse and blood pressure are normal for me. .. end quote.

In the recent six months I have been doing increasing energy work on the people who enter my practice, using specific essential oil sprays, for energy rebalancing of the wheels within their spiritual/physical systems as well as the auric fields around them, incorporating the medical intuitive information I receive and clarifying imbalance through tuning forks and toning bowls. As I have developed this I am experiencing even more elements of the above described experiences within my own brain and physical body. This has been very helpful to those people entering my practice.
For those also experiencing these changes, here are some helpful techniques to rebalance yourself after a healing treatment or premonition/precognition experience.

  • Baking soda can help to remove radiation and problematic negative discharge that has caused an imbalance within you.
  • Salting the environment, your sleeping area, your meditation area or workspace can dampen negative energies, you can then vacuum these up to cleanse.
  • Apple cider vinegar in a bath can help to maintain your cleansed auric field.
  • Sage, asefetida, lemongrass, and mugwort can clear the air and clear physical objects that have been glutted with negative energy…


you may know that some item needs one of these if when you pick it up or touch it you feel nausea or it hurts your hand.

  • Cypress, orange blossom, eucalyptis, and geranium help to assuage depression and anxiety.
  • Lemon, lime, and grapefruit help to clear out negative, angry, frustrated feelings.
  • Rose helps to access self love, compassion and forgiveness.
  • Chamomile and lavender assist with calming nerves and helping to allow sleep.

These are a few ways you can help yourself move into this new dimension without falling ill or feeling that the cost to help is too hard on your body.

May you continue to evolve to your highest dimension, in love and light, bg



Intuition, premonition, and precognition are knowings about the future.

Intuition is a type of sixth sense that is integrated with our five sense awareness system and can be developed through mindfulness, attention, and intention.  Intuition is more about a now experience.  Intuition is an instinctive knowing, and provides guidance in decision-making and direction.

Premonition and precognition are a type of future knowledge either through sense awareness or actual information or cognition of a future event.  These are generally urgent and or negative, a feeling or knowing that something bad is going to happen.

I have written previously about intuition in my blog called instinctive knowing. I think of intuition as an instinctive knowing that gets our attention in subtle and nagging or persistent ways, pulling us back to situations to take action to avoid something that is a problem or needs our attention.

I have had several premonition experiences.

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