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Ebb and Flow or What goes up…

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Hello and Welcome! I was thinking of how the normal flow in life is a spiral of waxing and waning energy… I remembered this blog and wanted to share it again with you. Flowing with the energy while knowing a shift is coming helps to keep you centered within and ready without. Maintaining a mindful perspective, curious and open to the positive lesson in each moment allows for that flow to be effortless. Connecting to that ebb and flow gently rocks you though life. in love and light, bg. Namaste



I find it interesting that often just before someone makes it big they have deep loss or just after they do they have problems in another part of their life.  I see this often in the entertainment world probably because the media covers these individual’s lives so closely.

The I Ching describes an ebb and flow in the cycle of life.  That deepest yin becomes yang and visa versa.  Balance is the goal, so ever-growing height or depth is not feasible.  There is a hexagram that seems to allow for expansion without loss but that has to do with the idea of bringing others in on the growth – so as to make the space bigger in a quantum-like way, like an upleveling of consciousness, a paradigmatic shift.

I find this concept of an ebb and flow of life as somewhat comforting.  It reminds me that there is a…

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