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Hello, and Welcome! I am reposting this blog from September, 2012, in honor of my dear friend who passed away several years ago today, and those of us who loved her. I learned so many important lessons from her, that guide my daily life – these three are my favorites: love love love the people around you, ‘gravity is your friend’ (especially when skiing), and “live like you were dying”. in love and light, beth



So I recently heard this song by Tim McGraw called Live like you were dying. It’s about making the changes you always meant to do because you feel the end coming.  It’s very touching.  He identifies doing things and being different emotionally and in relationship too –

….I went sky-diving and rocky mountain climbing… and I loved deeper, I spoke sweeter, and I gave forgiveness I’d been denying; I was finally the husband that most the time I wasn’t, I became a friend a friend would like to have..and I finally read the good book and  I took a good long hard look at what I would do if I could do it all again; ….I watched an eagle as it was flying…live like you were dying.

Several years ago my dear friend was diagnosed with colon cancer.  She was amazing.  Over the last few years of her…

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