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Truth within – inner guidance I


Hello and Welcome!  When I was in graduate school I discovered a book  by Sheldon Kopp, although it had already been around for a while, for me it was transformative.   The preface of the book is what is most relevant here:  No meaning that comes from outside of ourselves is real.  The Buddhahood of each of us has already been obtained.  We need only recognize it – Thus the Zen Master warns his disciple:  – If you meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill him! (Kopp, 1976).  

The most effective and personal guidance is within.

Over the years I have noticed a number of programs “pop up” designed to assist you in becoming more successful and happy.  Even a burgeoning interest in Yoga and meditation has developed as a means for spirituality and stress reduction.

The focus for what is your true path remains within.  The promise of becoming more successful and happy is hollow when the center of the program is without a direct connection to your personal, spiritual center.  Any program that assists you in becoming more in touch with source connection and energy is a profound gift.  Many paths can provide guidance and direction along this path but the resultant information best serves the seeker when it is found within his own heart-center.

Some of these programs have a quality of indoctrination – indoctrination is actually the opposite of reaching a deeper connection within.  If you use your inner sensory system and listen to your internal responses then you will know if you are being led away from or into your center.  Indoctrination leads you away from your center and creates a layer between you and yourself.

Truth doesn’t belong to the guide or the giver of it – truth is.  It is available to anyone who seeks it.  If you have to learn someone else’s language to speak to yourself – you may be creating a connection that is not direct and there can be a skewing in the information you receive.

There is already a clear and direct communication available to you within.  Truth is present within.

Your internal guidance system that is part of you – within the integration of your spirit, mind, and body, your 6 senses (sight, touch, sound, taste, smell – and intuition) – these are personal and wholly connect you and source energy.  No need to learn someone else’s language.  By paying attention to your subtle responses within yourself you can be effectively and perfectly guided.  Just listen to what you hear, feel, know within yourself.

Your connection to source is direct.

Your truth is within you not outside of you and finding the truth of your path is found from going within and reacquainting yourself with your heart, your spirit-self communication.

You may use prayer, meditation, Yoga, personal journaling, dreaming, therapy, or any other method to acquaint yourself with your truth – but the language is personal, idiosyncratic, unique and the way in is available to you through any and all of these methods.

Your internal sensory guidance system is always showing you the way.

Just listen and respond with love and neutrality.

You may discover that you have some habits that cover over your personal truth.  Some belief systems, or interpretations of truth that you may need to break through but the truth is already right there, within you waiting to be understood by you.

How you perceive the information presented to you through your internal guidance system is your path.  Yes you may have to go under the habit reaction patterns you developed from your life experiences and the “should” and “should not” introjects swallowed whole by you from your primary socialization groups – these are elements of indoctrination.  These may feel right on the surface but at a deeper level you may feel a quirk or dissonance within you.  That is what you pay attention to – that aspect of knowing deep within.

Truth is something that rings clear through all your internal senses and your intuition when it touches one or all of them.

Just listen as you move through your life and all is revealed in your own heart-centered language.

thanks for your interest, pass it on as you are guided to do so, Beth

Kopp, Sheldon, If you meet the Buddha on the Road,Kill Him. Bantam Books:  New york, New York:  1976.

Author: instinctivehealthparenting4u

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  1. Lately I’ve been inundated with ads and introductory teleseminars for all sorts of self-help, abundance, etc. programs, most of which purport to help you listen to your inner guidance. Some of them are wonderful, but I keep thinking, why do we need all this stuff? We already have inner guidance.

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