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when you keep getting red lights

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When you keep bumping into roadblocks you may be on the wrong course or you may be going in the wrong direction (or you may be trying to please the wrong people) – whatever it is stop, look, listen and re-direct yourself.

There seems to be a flow in the natural world around us.

Carl Jung talked about this as synchronicity in his book by the same name.  This concept of flow has been popularized by such books and authors as The Secret, Ask and it is Given, Joel Osteen, Esther Hicks, and Depak Chopra to name a few.

I think about it as something that is both perception and attention.

Ever notice how when you learn a new word, all of a sudden you see it everywhere in print?  You hear news anchors using it and you think wow, it’s everywhere all of a sudden.  In actuality it probably had always been around but then once you became aware of it – perception, you started to see it everywhere  – attention.

Many authors talk about a phenomenon where we create what we pay attention to – this follows a concept of energy that brings to you that which you focus on predominantly.

The information about creating positive memories to fill you rather than just the hardwired trauma memories is in this same vein of thought.  That what we attend to is what we see.  (This phenomenon of believing is seeing (faith) versus seeing is believing (proof) is a long-standing ideological argument which I am not addressing directly today.)

I think you can tap into the fabric of the natural world around us- the flow of energy, through many avenues.

The medicine that I use each day is about connecting to the flow of the individual and unblocking where the flow is stagnant – this is true from the paradigm of therapy as well as acupuncture.

The more one is paying attention and listening, and responding to the message from the natural world, the more  one is able to take action to remain in the flow of the natural world around us.

Anger can be used as a message that someone has crossed a boundary or that there is a habit reaction pattern that needs to be shifted.

Frustration can be a message that your actions are taking you away from the flow of energy.  Just as with anger there may be a perception that something is wrong and you have to change your direction.

When you are in the flow it seems that things are moving smoothly toward your goals.  When you get roadblocks things start to bump or not move smoothly, that’s what I’m calling frustration.  It tells you that something is not working.

You have to stop, look, and listen when you feel the bumps or roadblocks.

It may be that the equation that you have developed about what your goal is or how to reach your goal is in someway flawed.  Or it may be that you have to flow with the bumpiness to the end goal because you are on  a change course which is requiring a release or transformation of hidden agendas and/or habit reaction patterns.

When you are in the flow you will feel when you’re taken out of the flow.  That blocking or redirection is something to consider when deciding your course of action.

I have found that perception and attention to the flow around you, as well as what you are experiencing internally, informs you about your course in your own life.

Using the stop, look, listen technique to evaluate in the present moment the roadblock, the natural world around you, whether you are in a habit reaction pattern or whether others are caught in such  – gives you information of both figure and ground so that you can evaluate your course of action within a fuller context.

To determine which it is, a wrong direction that requires you redirect your direction OR a change course which feels bumpy but requires you stick to your vision and push through, evaluate feelings of fear, or defensiveness.  These feelings within yourself or from others typically indicate a habit reaction pattern that needs to be released or transformed.

See you tomorrow.


Author: instinctivehealthparenting4u

Author, Integrative medicine practitioner, psychotherapist. Albuquerque, NM practice, focus on return to balance and the integration of spirit, mind, and body through meditation and mindfulness. Monthly trainings, & professional and personal development coaching. Find more on my website Read my books, Turning NO to ON: The Art of Parenting with Mindfulness, Turning ME to WE: The Art of Partnering with Mindfulness (, for increased internal wellness and alignment with your spiritual purpose, and to activate joyous love and light, bg

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